The Newsletter – Week of May 6, 2013

PricePlow is back at it with another newsletter.

Only this one is a HELL of a lot sexier, thanks to our interview with fitness model Katie Cates!

There’s also more reviews, deals, our new supplement stack builder offer, and a new weekly giveaway contest that will get you Shreddin’ for the Summer – ErgoShred‘n!!

ErgoGenix ErgoShred

ErgoGenix ErgoShred – This Week’s Contest

Where can I Subscribe?

Here’s a hint:

Instead of giving you a “normal” subscription, why don’t you click on the contests link, and join by entering the newest contest!

That will get you in the newsletter, plus hook you up with a chance to win the ‘Shred!

Congrats to Brian in Iowa!

Brian won last week’s contest – a box of Marked Nutrition Blast & Burn Pack.

See folks? Dreams do come true – right here on PricePlow!

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