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PricePlow’s 2020 Supplement Industry Awards

PricePlow 2020 Supplement Industry Awards

In late December 2020, Team PricePlow connected to record our 2020 Supplement Industry Awards.

You can listen to a one long podcast (subscribe to the PricePlow Podcast using the links below) or watch each separate video on YouTube below.

Enjoy and congratulations to all companies that were discussed!

2020 Supplement Industry Recap

It goes […]
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Supps: The MOVIE. An Interview with Director Alex Ardenti

Supps: The Movie

Update: The movie has now been released! Find it on Amazon!

The supplement industry is bigger than ever, and the use of dietary supplements has never been greater. We’ve witnessed rapid market expansion the past few years, yet there’s really never been a feature film honestly covering the ins and outs of the industry which […]
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