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DMHA / 2-Aminoisoheptane / Octodrine: 2016’s Stimulant


DMHA: A new workout/focus stimulant that’s roughly ~80% the strength of DMAA, has animal research, and seems to be compliant? Healthy and experienced stimulant users read on!

New year, new stimulant? You bet your ass!

In the wake of the […]

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Cannibal Ferox AMPED: Chaos & Pain’s Powerful Pre Workout

Chaos and Pain Cannibal Ferox AMPED

Chaos and Pain’s reformulated pre workout Ferox AMPED bring AMP Citrate to the forefront! Hold on to your horses!

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated per the new product label issued on April 2016. AMP Citrate and Picamilon have […]

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Genomyx AMP Citrate… Contains No AMP Citrate?!

Genomyx AMP Citrate

While updating our AMP Citrate / DMBA article to include a new research study, we noticed one glaring issue from the study:

Genomyx AMP Citrate contained no AMP Citrate!

You can see this below in a screenshot from the study[1]:[…]

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AMP Citrate BANNED in 2015 – FDA Lays the DMBA Hammer Down

The Next Big Thing?
Leave comments below with your experiences

UPDATE 2015: The FDA has BANNED AMP CITRATE! They have sent 13 Warning Letters to companies selling DMBA / AMP Citrate:

See the FDA ‘ban’ letters below.

If you’re […]

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