PES Select Protein Review – Video and Pictures Included

PES (Physique Enhancing Science) has been making quite the name for themselves lately, and with good reason:

They make no-nonsense, award-winning formulas, and keep the hype at a minimum.

And it works, because they products work. When you make products this good, you don’t really need to hype. Everyone else will do it for you.

Now it’s our turn:

Mike’s PES Select Protein Review: All Flavors

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PES Select Protein is insanely popular for the following main reasons:

  • It tastes great – especially Cookies & Cream and SnickerDoodle
  • It mixes thick and rich – with no added creamers/fillers/nonsense
  • Amazing macronutrients: 24g protein and only 1g or less carbs and 1.5g fat thanks to not having the added filler
  • It works. We’ll get into the details below when discussing the ingredients.
  • Update: The Select Protein Lab Tests by Stack3d have proven it to have legit amounts of protein and is certified free of amino acid spiking!

Due to it being what we consider both low-fat and low-carb (under 2g of each), PES Select is all over the place in our protein buyer’s guide, titled Top 10 Protein Powders – try the flowchart – there’s a good chance you land on PES! And if you choose the Top 10 list, you’ll just love where PES ends up!

The flavors

Right now, there are three flavors out, two of which getting tons of attention:

  • Snickerdoodle

    The talk of the town is Snickerdoodle, which is modeled off of the zesty cinnamon cookie. If you’ve had other companies’ “cinnamon swirl” or “cinnamon bun” flavors, be prepared that this is certainly a more robust flavor, and less sweet.

    PES Select Protein Review

    Snickerdoodle lookin real smooth

    There’s more zing to it, and overall that’s welcome for many of us. While that first scoop of Cellucor’s cinnamon swirl whey tastes “better” to me, by the end of the tub, Snickerdoodle wins. The competition is just too sweet, and this… I could take forever.

    Taste Rating: 9+

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  • Cookies & Cream

    Everyone talking about Snickerdoodle has screwed it up for this flavor, because it is easily the best to me. Finally, a company has locked down real cookies and cream ice cream flavor.

    Select Protein Scoop

    How’s that for a scoop? This stuff’s so good, there’s a halo around it. Those little cookie bits are actually crushed vanilla bean!

    Unlike the competition, this is not “glorified vanilla”. This is real deal C&C ice cream.

    You protein chefs out there can have a field day with this one. Snickerdoodle too.

    I don’t see a reason to buy any other flavor for a while. It might take 5 tubs of this stuff before I get tired of it.

    Taste Rating: 9.5

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  • Milk Chocolate

    In my video, you can see that it’s the smoothest-mixing one. It’s a great chocolate taste. Reminds me of ON’s 100% Casein chocolate flavor, which is great.

    But like I said in the video, I’m a bit over the chocolate protein for a while. Give me something special.

    This isn’t bad. But I will say that I feel bad for anyone who bought milk chocolate instead of Cookies & Cream. C&C is that good!

    Taste Rating: 8.5

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  • Select Protein - Best Deals and Price Drop Notifications

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    Also get hot deal alerts

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    The ingredients

    PES Select Protein Ingredients and Nutrition Label

    Not the best pic I’ve ever taken… click the image to see the real label at a store

    First, worth mentioning is what’s not in here – no nasty creamers or added fats to thicken it up, and definitely no amino acid trickery with cheap filler aminos.

    The profile:

    • Milk protein isolate

      This typically consists of about 80% casein protein, 20% whey protein, give or take.

      Protein blends from milk protein are where things are heading: with a blend of protein, you get the best of both worlds from the fast-acting speed of the whey protein and the slow-digesting casein protein.

      Studies confirm this — mixed blends get you longer periods of mTORC1 anabolic signaling and muscle protein synthesis.[1,2]

      Is that splitting hairs? Isn’t protein protein? Maybe, but maybe not. The second study referenced claims major impact:

      In conclusion, we demonstrate that the speed of amino acid absorption after protein ingestion has a major impact on the postprandial metabolic response to a single protein meal.

      (Emphasis ours)

      PES Select Protein - Cookies & Cream

      The milk protein isolate’s casein is what causes that frothy, stickiness on the glass

      One could even potentially argue that a pure whey protein drink provides a bigger insulin burst, which could possibly lead to more fat storage for dieters.[citation required]

    • Whey Protein Concentrate (80%)

      Also known as WPC-80, this is the higher quality version of whey concentrate. It’s 80% protein by weight (ie 10g of this powder would yield 8g of protein).

      If you see whey concentrate on a label, but it doesn’t say WPC-80, it’s very likely that it’s a mix of lower-grade whey concentrates.

      The decision to include only WPC-80 gives you an incredible protein-to-powder ratio in the product. Snickerdoodle has a 31g scoop, and 24g is protein. That can be “beaten” with a pure whey isolate, but it will be more watery and less tasty, to say the least.

    • Leucine Peptides

      Leucine is the branched chain amino acid (BCAA) implicated in muscle protein synthesis.[3] Take as much of it as you can, anytime, any place.

    • Cocoa (for chocolate) and Artificial and Natural Flavors

      Milk chocolate is the one flavor that has a full gram of carbs – due to cocoa bringing some of its own. The other flavors have less than a gram of carbs.

      The little cookie-looking bits from Cookies & Cream flavor (pointed out in my review video) are actually ground vanilla beans. They also all have some extra salt added.

    • Guar Gum

      This is a natural thickening agent. It prevents the escape of gas so that things stay nice and fluffy. Many of you will enjoy this better than the massive amounts of soy lecithin and other agents added to other products. You could say that guar gum has fewer “enemies”.

    • Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium

      Your sweeteners. Both heavily researched, both do not spike insulin.

    Overall Rating


    Considering the value (there’s a price drop right now!), ingredients / profile, taste, uniqueness, and the scooper was somewhere near the top.

    The 5lb tubs are now out! Sign up for notifications below to get buzzed when the price drops!

    Select Protein - Best Deals and Price Drop Notifications

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