Pink Magic Platinum Ingredients – A Detailed Analysis

2019 Update: Sadly, this product is long, long gone (and was never around long in the first place). You can check our Natural Testosterone Boosters page if you need a natty boost.

Pink Magic Platinum Ingredients

The Ingredient Label, broken down step by step below (click for larger image)

In July, we announced the return of USPLabs’ Pink Magic, in the form of Pink Magic Platinum.

The bottle’s label states “Advanced Hormone/Libido Support”, and a quick glance at the ingredients shows that this will definitely be different than the original Pink Magic.

Overall, this looks extremely promising as a natural testosterone booster, but the most proven effects (based on human-based studies) are on the libido, regulation of cortisol and estrogen, and overall virility support.

The ingredients listing is long enough to warrant its own post and video, so see below for both… but first:

PricePlow’s Pink Magic Platinum Ingredients Video

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On to our written analysis:

The bottle has 120 capsules, and each serving is two capsules. Taken twice a day, you get a full 30 day supply.

In each of those two capsules, you get a 1540mg proprietary blend, which consists of three sub-proprietary blends.

We won’t really know or even guess at the dosages of each ingredient are. But we will try to postulate the effective working dose from the research available to us, and see if this product can potentially live up to its predecessor.

  • The Ultimate-T and Libido Elite Complex

    This section includes three ingredients, primarily intended to boost your libido (all three of them are aphrodisacs!) while two of the ingredients are very likely to increase testosterone levels.

    • Lepidium Yemeni Root Extract (Maca!)

      Also known as Peruvian Maca, this unique plant is very nutritious (it comes from the same family as broccoli, turnips, and radishes) and has quite a set of unique properties.

      Libido enhancement

      Maca is most well-known for its aphrodisiac effects in both men and women. Several studies have shown quite notable changes in libido.[1,2,3]

      Note that these studies used dosages of maca that were relatively high – typically 1.5 – 3g, with 3g performing the best.

      The good news is that you get two dosages of PMP per day (amounting to over 3g of total product), so there’s a very solid possibility that there’s enough maca in here to yield some great effects all on its own — especially since it’s the first ingredient and will be dosed the highest.

      Mood Boosting /Anti-Anxiety Effects

      The studies also showed mood improvement[1]… which tends to happen when you’re libido is boosted!

      No rise in testosterone or other hormones

      However, maca has unfortunately not been shown to alter hormone levels, including testosterone.[1,2,3,4]

      So we will need to see if the other ingredients can make up for that, as that’s what many of us ultimately want on top of the boosted libido.

      A quick warning – Maca is awesome, but it’s not enough

      This is something you need to be aware of – just because a product makes you horny doesn’t mean it’s boosting testosterone.

      Several slimy companies do this with tribulus-based products. Tribulus doesn’t raise testosterone either, but it certainly “feels” like it does. So if you see a company selling a “testosterone booster” that is nothing but tribulus or maca, they are not to be trusted.

      Let’s see if USP can rise above that nonsense here.

    • Spilanthes Acmella (Flower) Extract (SpilanTEST)

      Otherwise known as Toothache Plant due to its historical use in relieving toothache, the Spilanthes acmella plant is also a known aphrodisiac.

      This is a relatively new ingredient in terms of supplementation, which could mean exciting things for those of you who want something different. The caveat to that is that there isn’t a ton of human-based research around its effects.

      In our honest opinion, this is the make-it or break-it ingredient for Pink Magic Platinum. If it works for us, then this product is going to be legit.

      Boosted testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH) in rats

      Here’s the good news: At least one study has shown a nice effect on testosterone, luteinizing hormone, and testosterone in mice after 28 days of usage.[5]

      The dosages needed

      Aphrodisiacs and Mice

      Remember, hornier mice does NOT equal more testosterone. But spilanthes significantly boosted test in the mice too. If it works for us, we’re in for one fun run here.

      The study used 50mg/kg bodyweight, 100mg/kg bodyweight, and 150mg/kg bodyweight, and all of the increases were dose-dependent, meaning more worked better – and over time, the effects continued to grow!

      Translation to Humans: These upper-end 150mg/kg dosages would translate to 1600mg/day for a 150lb male and 2200mg/day for a 200lb male.

      This is great to see. When taking two servings per day as directed, it’s definitely possible that USPLabs was able to fit in a dosage that converts to what the successful rat studies received. Especially since this is the second ingredient.

      At the very least, if this works in humans, it should be solid enough to go beyond “aphrodisiac status”, just like we wanted in our rant above.


      Meanwhile, the rats had higher statistics in nearly every sexual category: mount frequency, ejaculation, and “sexual consistency,” if you will.[5]

      Nitric oxide effects

      That same mouse study also found that there was a nitric oxide boost that was about half as strong as Viagra – this stuff is clearly potent!

      Synergy with Maca

      Here’s where things get interesting: the bioactive components of Spilanthes are N-akylamide compounds, which have synergistic sexual effects with Maca![7] So it looks like this might be a nice one-two punch.

      No toxicity found

      More good news – no toxic effects or other such negative issues were found. Another study that used ten times the above dosages even failed to yield problems with the mice.[6]

      Overall thoughts on Spilanthes

      While we’re a bit bummed that there’s no human testosterone research, and we obviously would love to know the dosage, but the studies cited on this one lead us to believe that USPLabs is on to something new here.

      If nothing else, you’re going to be feeling like a new man due to the maca amplification.

      This might be one of those products where you better tell your lady to get herself ready…

    • Asteracantha longifolia

      Surprise: yet another aphrodisiac! This one has long been used in traditional Indian medicine, with names like kokilaaksha.

      One rat-based study [on asteracantha longifolia] caused increased weight in testicles

      The results? Serum cortisol was reduced by 27.9% in the first study[19], 14.5% in another[20], and anywhere from 11-48% in the third.[14]

      Once again, we have lacking human evidence here, but the rat-based studies show no toxicity in very large single-doses.[8,9]

      Bigger balls!… in mice

      Here’s where it gets interesting: One rat-based study that utilized 100-200mg/kg bodyweight (roughly similar to the above ingredient’s dosage) caused increased weight in testicles, epidydymus, and seminal vesicles. Sperm count went up as well.[10]

      This does not necessarily mean it will boost testosterone, but where there’s smoke………..

      Use as a glucose disposal agent / nutrient partitioner

      When rats were given asteracantha longfolia prior to a big dosage of glucose, it caused their bodies’ skeletal muscle to increase in size. A smaller gain in fat tissue was also noticed, however.[11]

      When a compound like this can “shuttle” nutrients into the muscles at a faster rate than fat cells, it’s often called a nutrient partitioner. USPLabs is exceedingly good at creating such products, with both AP and Compound 20 being highly underrated house favorites here.

      Liver protection comparable to silymarin from milk thistle

      One of the rat safety studies cited above[8] (where there was no toxicity) was really all about hepatoprotective effects (liver support). When subjecting the rats to CCl4 (carbon tetrachloride), a known toxic chemical, asteracantha was about as effective as silymarin, the primary protective compound in milk thistle. Good news for anyone worried about liver issues!

      Once again, we’d love to see human studies, but there’s some promise here, and the fact that this isn’t used in many products leads us to believe that Pink Magic Platinum is definitely different.

  • The Cort/Eliminate Elite Complex

    Pink Magic is Back!

    Pink Magic is Back… but how chingón is it?

    This part of Pink Magic Platinum’s ingredients is for the reduction of cortisol and regulation of your hormonal balance.

    Meaning: keep cortisol down, testosterone higher, and keep your levels of estrogen in healthy balance (you want to keep the bad types of estrogen down).

    • Withania Somnifera (Root) Extract (KSM66)

      Interesting — this is the leading ingredient in USPLabs’ new fat burner, EpiBURN Pro, and it’s clear that it is what leads to an incredible mood boost. But what’s it doing in a hormonal product?

      Also known as ashwagandha, withania is usually used for its anti-anxiety effects. However, it’s adaptogenic, meaning that it’s a regulatory compound that fights all types of stress — very helpful when on a diet or a heavy lifting kick.

      Anti-Cortisol effects

      Withania Somnifera / Ashwagandha significantly reduces cortisol

      Withania Somnifera / Ashwagandha significantly reduces cortisol[14]

      The fight against cortisol is where where ashwagandha / withania really shines. You get a very notable cortisol reduction, and it’s backed by some good human studies.[12,13,14]

      In those studies, humans were healthy but stressed – basically like most of us.

      The dosages were not large in two of those three studies either — 300mg and 250-500mg. The third study was a 5g/day study using raw root powder.

      We’ll talk about this herb’s effect on testosterone next, but this alone makes it something you’re going to enjoy taking.

      Increased Testosterone… with a catch

      Apparently, it’s not just good for anxiety. Withania has been successfully studied three times in terms of increasing testosterone, improving sperm quality, and boosting luteinizing hormone.

      One caveat, however: all of the men in those studies were infertile, with an already-reduced testosterone level.

      In addition, they were using high doses of raw withania somnifera root powder (5g/daily).

      This doesn’t mean that healthy males won’t benefit. There’s just no studies on the subject for normal guys.

      There’s also no telling what component of withania is the one that actually has positive effects on testosterone. It’s clear that USP isn’t just putting raw powder into Pink Magic Platinum — so are they extracting the right compound?

      Either way, after running EpiBURN Pro and absolutely loving it, there’s something great going on with withania somnifera. USP seems to have figured something out from the stuff.

    • Broussonetia Papyrifera (Leaf) Extract

      Also known as paper mulberry, this plant has been shown to contain several aromatase inhibitors[15], which help to reduce the conversion to estrogen when you purposefully increase your testosterone levels.

      Taking a testosterone booster (or “stronger”… if you catch my drift) and not taking a quality aromatase inhibitor is just asking for trouble in the long run. Crappy mood, puffy nipples, acne… This ingredient should help avoid such issues.

      Broussonetia Papyrifera Reduces Inflammation

      Various forms of Broussonetia Papyrifera reduces inflammation significantly (the two extracts with asterisks)

      Other benefits

      The aromatase inhibition is clearly the biggest reason it’s in here, but there are also a few other benefits, such as:

      • Anti-inflammatory activity[16]
      • Antioxidant behavior[17]
      • Insulin sensitivity improvements through PTP1B enzyme inhibition[18]

      Despite broussonetia’s protective behavior, and well as the liver protective ingredients below, you should still follow the dosage directions exactly as told on the label, and cycle it accordingly.

      It’s great to protect against the downsides of having elevated testosterone levels, but that doesn’t mean you can run it forever. Be smart.

    • Orchis Latifolia (Leaf & Stem) Extract

      We were cruising along pretty well with our research until this one came up.

      Odd naming conventions

      The research on this one is a bit tougher because of so many different names for these flowers.

      Basal testosterone concentrations went up 386%! [from orchis macula]

      Orchis is a genus of the orchid family. There are several species in this genus, and one of them is orchis latifolia.

      Searching for research on “orchis latifolia”, not much comes up. But we see one study that discusses the naming convention:

      Similarly, Orchis latifolia encompassed Dactylorhiza incarnata, D. majalis (γ), D. sambucina (δ), D. maculata (ε) and another unidentified variant (β), all similarly unnamed varieties.[21]

      Basically, what they’re saying is that orchis latifolia is a sub-genus of orchis that encompasses other flowers. It could mean several things!

      So we don’t really know what flower USPLabs is extract for in Pink Magic Platinum, nor do we know exactly what specific flower they’re using.

      The only other study that outright mentions orchis latifolia just casually mentions it alongside some other herbs that have traditionally been used

      “for the improvement of endurance against stress, general resistance against infections, retardation of the aging process and improving male sexual disorders”.[22]

      Also on that list is withania somnifera, also in this product and discussed above.

      So that’s good, but we need to broaden our search, and this means that we might be missing the target.

      What about orchis macula?

      Orchis Flower

      This orchis flower family caused the most confusion in writing this article, and is potentially the most wrong part of this whole thing. We did not ask USPLabs for help, because that would not be in line with our 3rd-party, unbiased viewpoint. Feel free to add comments to help.

      It turns out that one member of the orchis latifolia sub-genre is orchis macula — also known as Early Marsh Orchid or Dactylorhiza hatagirea.

      With that name, we can find some studies, but take the following with a grain of salt — we might have picked research on a different species than USPLabs is using, and we have absolutely no clue what they’re extracting for.

      That said, something interesting is going on with this stuff at the rat level, based upon two well-performed studies:

      Massive testosterone increase

      At 200mg/kg, basal testosterone concentrations went up 386% – from 2.33ng/mL to 9ng/mL![23]

      That is well beyond significant, but unfortunately, that data cannot be shared (it’s locked by PubMed).

      Libido Boost

      That same study showed that male rates would mount more frequently (the “waiting time” went down 36%) and they paid 2.5 times more attention to the females. Like we need any more of that in the gym….

      Meanwhile, erection strength (via a nitric oxide boost) and erection frequency increased too![24]

      Disclaimered Conslusion

      If this is indeed what’s in Pink Magic Platinum, and it works on humans… we could all be in for some serious trouble!!

      But once again, this whole section could be flat out misguided, and we’re willing to admit that. We might have picked the wrong subclass, and who knows what USPLabs is really extracting for.

      But something in this genus is up to something with the rats.

      And that’s basically the conclusion we have up to this point – this should nearly definitely function as an aphrodisiac and anti-cortisol agent, with the testosterone boosting effects looking safe and promising to say the least… yet still unproven in humans.

  • The ProGuard Elite Complex

    The following two ingredients are used for liver protection and anti-inflammatory response.

    What’s interesting is that nearly all of the research cited above shows that the ingredients in Pink Magic Platinum are non-toxic. There is a chance that these ingredients are there more for marketing and consumer trust reasons – you might not actually need them.

    That said, they’re both incredibly healthy for just about everyone, and it’d be dumb not to have them in a multi-purpose hormonal supplement like this one.

    • Milk Thistle

      There is a massive amount of research on milk thistle, and most know that it has liver detoxifying effects. The actual compound that does the work is known as silymarin, so we assume (but cannot confirm) that this is what USP’s extracting here.

      The general idea is that milk thistle enhances protein synthesis[25] and DNA synthesis in the liver, helping the liver do its job and improve conditions. How it works is actually not yet fully known.

      As you’re likely aware, there are several ways you can damage your liver, and milk thistle can help with several of them:

      Protecting against chemical toxins

      Death Cap Mushroom - DO NOT EAT

      DO NOT EAT THIS!! But in case you do… hospital administration of silymarin from milk thistle just might save your liver (and your life) if you’re lucky. Milk thistle is that awesome.

      For instance, there is a lethal mushroom known as death cap (amanita phalloides). Case studies have shown that milk thistle at 600mg is protective against it. Obviously, no controlled research trial is going to be done to test that, but the case studies prove how protective milk thistle really is.[26]

      Alcohol Protection

      The systematic review cited above[26] also notes that alcoholic liver cirrhosis and alcohol poisoning are treatable. This was its traditional / original use throughout history.[27]

      Needless to say, you shouldn’t be drinking much while on this supplement. And if you’re ever experiencing alcohol poisoning, go to the emergency room – do not self-medicate!

    • Turmeric

      This is the spice commonly used in curry. Usually, supplement manufacturers extract curcumin from it — that is the most potent compound. Once again, we’re not sure what USPLabs is grabbing here, but it’s likely to be curcumin and any number of the other active compounds.


      This stuff is beyond helpful when it comes to anti-inflammatory response

      The primary use of curcumin is to fight against pain and inflammation – there is an incredible amount of research showing that it works.[28,29] This is why it’s in a lot of new joint supplements and joint supplement stacks, but for joint support, it needs to be in higher dosages than what’s probably in PMP.

      So why is it in here? There are hundreds of studies we can discuss, but the one most relevant to us is likely the kidney research:

      Improved Kidney Function

      Put simply, it didn’t take a whole lot of turmeric (22.1mg) to improve kidney function in one disease-based research study.[30]

      It works on kidneys in the same way it works for our joints — by suppressing inflammation.[31]

      Overall, if you’re experiencing joint issues or inflammatory problems, you should do some digging on curcumin sometime and see if it’s worth trying. But as the last ingredient in the new Pink Magic, don’t expect it to fix your bum shoulder.

Overall conclusion

After reading this research, and noting that there’s two doses per day, there is absolutely no doubt that you’re going to feel like a changed person while on Pink Magic Platinum.

Pink Magic and 3D Muscles

Are 3D muscles coming back? Let’s hope so! This is the ad that started the never-ending hailstorm of flak directed towards USP. Best. Ad. Ever.

The ingredients that we know work in humans are all based upon the aphrodisiac, “feel good”, and protective effects. You will get that much.

The question comes down to whether or not it’ll boost testosterone. The answer appears to be yes, but a lot of that hinges on whether or not rat studies will cross over to humans. We’d love to see someone get bloodwork done, and would even consider kicking in a free bottle if someone would do that.

End of the day, this seems to be a safe and non-toxic testosterone booster, perhaps poised more towards the introductory market and USPLabs’ fans who miss the old one.

Also, it doesn’t seem like it will need you to run a PCT afterward, which is nice.

There are a few leaps of faith to be made here. However, the research we have on this right now is far better than the research we had on the original Pink Magic when it came out in 2010.

If you’ve run a few testosterone boosters but don’t want to go into more “illicit” areas, there are a few new ingredients here that you might want to try. Note that nobody is promising 30lbs of new muscle in two months. That’s going to take you a couple of years and awesome diet.

But it does look like you’ll have a very fun time with this supplement.

I for one know that I want to try this after doing all of this research. But this is PricePlow, and it’s going to ultimately come down to finding a good deal. We hope that we can get those prices down enough to make it happen!

2019 Update: Sadly, this product is long, long gone. You can check our Natural Testosterone Boosters page if you need a natty boost.

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Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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