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Muscle Elements

A hot new company is in town…

There is an awesome new supplement company on the rise, and their name is…

If you guessed Muscle Elements, then give yourself a pat on the lats — because you’re probably way too jacked to touch any further — and get ready for some scientifically driven gains and soon-to-be 100% open formulas!

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Who is Muscle Elements?

Muscle Elements is a new and exciting company, and after speaking with them on the phone and taking a look at their products and formulations, they are looking like a very promising and well-connected supplement line. Like always, PricePlow is here to give you the inside scoop.

The leadership

Muscle elements, or “Me”, is composed of a group of industry veterans who come from the ranks of BSN. It’s no secret that in 2011, BSN was purchased by Glanbia, the massive dairy conglomerate that also owns Optimum Nutrition and ABB.

When BSN “went corporate”, some of the more hardcore guys were stuck doing PowerPoint presentations instead of following their passion – pounding the pavement selling products they love while shaking hands with customers who are equally passionate about sports nutrition and fitness.

Build a better you with Me

Build a better you with Me

Meanwhile, noticing the trend towards 100% open formulas — something that BSN isn’t much into — it was time to amicably break off and start something new. Something with top-quality formulas and open ingredient labels to fuel all your hellish, man-beast workouts… for all of you beastly men and fit ladies too!

Muscle elements currently only has 4 products however, as part of their mission statement promises, they envision creating new products, while improving on existing products.

Grow with “Me” – The marketing message

Muscle Elements Pre Cre Periodic Tbale

Possibly inspired by Breaking Bad?

Muscle elements is focusing on the “Me” acronym, with stacks such as the “Grow with Me” Stack and the “Lean on Me” Stack.

In addition, they are building a periodic table of “elements” that will give you the quick information on each product’s ultimate effects. See the picture to the right for an example.

This will help beginners understand exactly what they stand to gain from taking each product. After all, not everyone knows what every last ingredient does, so this is a helpful tool.

Open Formulas

We’ve mentioned 100% open formulas, but that jumps the gun just a bit. Right now, the front of the labels provide the dosages of the most important ingredients, but the labels still show proprietary blends.

We’ve been told that the next series of labels will utilize fully open labels, which makes us far happier. You can do as much or as little research on the dosages as you want, and you’ll know what’s backed by science. This is an ongoing industry trend that we fully support.

Muscle elements’ products

But enough HYPE… let’s get to the goodies!

  1. PreCre

    Muscle Elements PreCre

    PreCre – Anti-concentrated pre workout WITH 10g carbs!

    PreCre is not just another good looking, well-marketed pre workout – this stuff actually has some very tried and true ingredients.

    • The first thing you’ll notice is that Pre Cre contains carbohydrates – 10g per scoop. Carbs are making a comeback, and Muscle elements has stood by the fact that you need carbs for a most productive workout.

      It’s funny that over the past five years, concentrated pre workout supplements have become so popular that there aren’t that many quality ones with carbs anymore! This alone sets Me’s PreCre apart from most, and there are still tons of users who want the extra energy.

    • To make the carbs work better, you have a glucose disposal agent (GDA) added in the form of PTS-SURGE, which is vitis vinifera extract. This helps ensure that your body shuttles the carbs into your muscles, not the fat, but properly utilizing your insulin to do its job.

      This is a great thing in a carb-based pre workout, and your pumps will feel it!

    • Brian Cushing Muscle Elements

      In 2017, NFL Football Player Brian Cushing signed with Muscle Elements!

      After that, we can also see about PreCre is that its a true “one scoop” formula. It is a large 24 gram scoop with an array of ingredients including 244mg of caffeine anhydrous. It also comes in fruit punch and watermelon, so this tasty powder is sure to power your workouts until the end.

    • The next thing we noticed is the creatine. Muscle Element doesn’t skimp with the creatine. With 5 grams of three different forms of creatine (Creapure monohydrate, creatine monohydrate, creatine HCL) this, in turn, should help with intra-workout strength along with muscular endurance.

    • Some of the other ingredients that are loaded in PreCre along with the creatine are creatinol-o-phosphate and beta alanine which create a synergistic effect to help block lactic acid.

    • The mind-muscle combination of this product conatins a combination of N-acetyl tyrosine, caffeine anhydrous, guarana extract, and DMAE (DimethylAminoEthanolBitartrate) which work together to get you in the zone while you’re throwing weights around the gym.

    PricePlow’s PreCre Review

    Because of the fantastic ingredients and the review to follow, PreCre landed very highly on our Best Pre Workout Supplements page, and is easily our favorite one to contain any carbs.

  2. AmiNo Flow

    Is it an intra workout for pumps... a stim-free pre workout... or just a pumped up in between meal sports drink?

    AmiNO Flow

    What’s this “Amino Oxide” business??

    For those wondering, AmiNo Flow is an amino-acid + nitric oxide combination:

    amino + acid = amino acid nitric + oxide = nitric oxide amino acid + nitric oxide = “amino oxide” = AmiNo Flow

    …some of the more hardcore guys were stuck doing PowerPoint presentations instead of following their passion – pounding the pavement selling products they love

    This product can be used to strengthen your workouts, to keep you pumped and full when between meals, or as a stimulant-free pre workout supplement.

    • Muscle elements groundbreaking new product totals 16.5 grams of amino acids for recovery, increasing protein synthesis, and promoting nitric oxide production and sleeve splitting pumps..
    • AmiNo Flow combines taurine with 5 grams of anti-catabolic branched chain amino acids (BCAA) to result in muscle growth and recovery.
    • The main “pump” ingredient in amino flow is a serious 4 grams of L-citrulline, followed by .5 grams of AgmaMax agmatine sulfate.
    • Amino Flow also has a hydration and endurance complex that is composed of di sodium phosphate, di calcium phosphate, and di magnesium phosphate. This complex is meant to keep fluid balance in equilibrium and maintain hydration in your body.

    If your pumps are wearing off too soon when you have those long workouts, drinking this in during your workout can keep you full and smashingly pumped all the way through!

  3. 212°

    Muscle elements 212

    Muscle Elements’ Thermogenic Fat Burner – One capsule should be enough!

    “Bring Fat To Its Boiling Point”

    Lets see what ingredients give this thermogenic such a bold claim:

    Right off the bat, we notice this thermogenic is a stimulant based formula with 175 milligrams of caffeine in just one capsule!

    • Included in this blend is 5 milligrams of yohimbine HCL for appetite suppression and thermogenic weight loss.
    • A strong dosage of 5 milligrams of vinpocetine is included to aid with cognitive functions.
    • Included in the rest of the product is Bioperine (black pepper fruit extract) for increasing core temperature and absorption, evodiamine for promoting fat metabolism, and octopamine HCL for also supporting fat loss.
    • The last 150 milligram complex of 212 degrees is dandelion, juniper berry, and uva ursi leaf extract to help shed a bit of water weight.

    Just like PreCre being a one scoop product, we’re impressed that this is a one-capsule fat burner. 175mg caffeine and 5mg Yohimbine HCl is quite impressive in just one cap. This will definitely make your investment last longer than most other 60 capsule bottles!

  4. LeanWorks

    Muscle Elements LeanWorks

    Stimulant Free Fat Burning Support

    When you want to lose weight without being hyped up on stimulants, this is your answer. Leanworks consists of three different complexes that take care of different steps of weight loss.

    It’s composed of three different complexes that address increasing your body’s internal temperature, disposing of that stubborn extra water weight, and helps with breakdown of fatty tissue and lipids. It also helps with controlling appetite and boosting your mood.

    • In the non stimulant formula, 1100 milligrams of green coffee bean, irvingia gabonesis (African mango), L-carnitine L-tartrate (LCLT), and raspberry ketones are combined in a complex to achieve increased metabolism, fat burning, and fat to fuel conversion.
    • 300 milligrams of Juniper berry extract and dandelion extract are included to address water weight and fluid retention.
    • 225 milligrams of phaseolus vulgaris, red pepper, and black pepper fruit extract are in Leanworks to control appetite and induce thermogenesis.

    You can read more on our Leanworks article!

  5. TRUTH Protein Powder

    Muscle Elements’ fifth product was The TRUTH, which stands for Taking Responsibility to Utilize Transparency and Honesty.

    The TRUTH Protein

    Click the image to sign up for alerts on The TRUTH

    This is a 100% open formula protein powder that is naturally sweetened — no artificial sweeteners here. It’s thick and mixes fantastically well, thanks to the great blend of proteins inside:

    • 9g whey protein concentrate (WPC-80)
    • 6g whey protein isolate (WPI-90)
    • 4.5g milk protein isolate
    • 4.5g micellar casein

    On top of that, Stack3d performed lab tests on TRUTH, and it turns out that it actually contains 1g of protein “overfill” — meaning there’s really 25g protein inside!!

    We enjoy this so much that it’s now our #1 ranked naturally sweetened protein powder, as shown in our “Best Protein Powder” Buyer’s Guide. Also see where it lands in our Top 10 against competition using artificial sweeteners that are easier to flavor!!

    See our Muscle Elements TRUTH page to read more.

    Point is, Me did something different here, and it is paying off in big ways.

  6. PowerDown Amino PM

    Powerdown Amino PM

    The front label of Powerdown Amino PM gives us a peak at some of the ingredients.. of note is the new ActiveTR time-released leucine — PERFECT for a nighttime supplement!!!

    Amino PM is the next product releasing in August or September of 2015.

    This is a combination of a sleep supplement with an amino acid supplement, which makes loads of sense — keeping your muscles fueled while you get deep sleep!

    It’s one of those products where we ask, “Why didn’t anyone think of this earlier?!”

    To top it off, it contains ActiveTR, which is a time-released leucine that’s been added to regular leucine — it will kick in right when the normal free form leucine starts to wear off.

    Leucine is the most anabolic of the amino acids, and having a long blast of it to keep your muscles from breaking down, or catabolizing, is another great idea from Muscle Elements!

    Click the image above to read more about Amino PM.

5 Products… for now

Talking to these guys, it’s clear that they are extremely well-connected in the biz and know exactly how to target the beginner to intermediate audience. There is no doubt you’ll be seeing their stuff, and there’s no doubt more is on the way.

We’re excited to see how PreCre stacks up against the new NO-Xplode — both new pre workout products that both kept the carbs. From our review, it was easy. PreCre is simply better.

Muscle Elements – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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