Cellucor C4X? Is a New Pre Workout in the Works?

Cellucor C4X

Is this going to happen or is Cellucor still figuring out the next pre workout name?

Update: On December 11, 2014, the Cellucor C4 New Formula for the G4 (4th Generation) was announced!

We now believe that nothing will come of the trademarks C4X (nor C4 Elite), but in case we’re wrong, we’ll leave this post here. C4 Sport is the low-end Wal-Mart version, while just “C4” is the new 4th Generation formula for the supplement retailers.

Interesting news, Cellucor fans: our Google Alerts just buzzed us about three possible new product names: Cellucor C4X, Cellucor C4 Sport, and Cellucor C4 Elite.

We’re not sure if all three product names will actually get used (or if any of them will be), but three seems like a lot, so we’re guessing that they’re still trying to figure out the next pre workout’s name.

Either way, this has been expected. Even though C4 Extreme is the flagship of the Cellucor brand, and is the top-selling pre workout supplement on the market, users keep asking us for something a bit stronger… the “Next Big Thing”, if you will.

Meanwhile, Cellucor’s been slipping in our Top 10 Pre Workouts list, as the newer technologies come out with bigger ingredient profiles and similar prices.

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In the meantime, there’s NEON Sport’s Volt

Cellucor is actually owned by an “umbrella company” named Nutrabolt, which also owns NEON Sport and Royal Sport. If you want a pre workout from these guys with a bit more zip, but that same great flavor, take a look at Neon Sport Volt.

Our Opinions

Three product names seems like a lot, so we’re expecting one or two new products out of this batch. But it could be none – nothing is guaranteed.

We have no clue what could be in store for C4X – the name doesn’t give us much to go on.

C4 Sport could actually be geared towards athletes who don’t need as much pump, but need more focus, clean energy, and endurance.

C4 Elite is what we believe to be the balls-to-the-wall product to come, but that’s just guessing from the name.

Which ones will be released is to be determined.

C4X Ingredients

As of now, there’s no label / ingredients to discuss, nor is there even proof that this product may come to life.

Can we get in on any Reviews?

If there are beta testing opportunities, however, we’ll do our best to get in on the action and post an early review. We’ll even lobby to have a few of our power users who are signed up below get in on the action!

Is there a release date?

No C4X release date has been announced as of late September. Stay tuned to us on social media (buttons below this post) and sign up for updates below!

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