“Ingredientology”: NNB Nutrition Creates Custom Supplement Ingredients

Custom Supplement Ingredients

Have an industry-changing supplement idea, but need someone to develop the ingredient? This is the article to read.

Imagine you work for a brand formulating supplements, spend your spare time researching nutrition and performance, or simply love blending your own homemade supplements.

You stumble upon a fascinating study about some unique ingredient or extract, and think that this would be perfect for your arsenal. You Google it, looking for some product or company that has this ingredient, but nada. You find nothing on Amazon, Alibaba, or even eBay!

It turns out, you’ve stumbled on something brand new – or at least something nobody’s been able to figure out how to extract or synthesize. But you’re certain that this ingredient could really shake things up and help a lot of people out. At this point, who do you call?

Got an ingredient? NNB’s got “Ingredientology”

NNB Nutrition

NNB Nutrition is an innovative ingredient development company with an elite team of over 100 scientists. They call their ingredient development process “Ingredientology” – read more at NNBNutrition.com

The answer is simple: you call NNB Nutrition, the leaders in ingredient development and formulation. And NNB’s slogan is simple too: “We Create Ingredients.”

With nutritional biochemist Shawn Wells (MPH, RD, LDN, CISSN, FISSN) at the helm as the company’s Chief Science Officer, you’re in luck: if these guys can’t get it done, it’s probable that nobody can. As co-creator / co-patent-holder of nearly a dozen compounds including theacrine and dihydroberberine, Shawn knows a thing or two about creating novel ingredients.

Shawn’s relationship with NNB Nutrition came right out of your very need – finding a clean, trusted, and well-tested team of scientists that can build nearly anything – and actually help you share in the success too. The company’s world-class scientific team already has three levels of ingredients that encompass best-selling, revolutionary, and trend-leading categories, but they’re constantly looking to do more.

Shawn Wells NNB Nutrition

Led by Chief Science Officer Shawn Wells, NNB Nutrition can take an “idea in your head to an ingredient in your hand”

They’re calling it “Ingredientology”, and it’s the process of developing novel ingredients, or using new technology to improve existing ones. And if you’ve had an incredible ingredient idea but no idea how to bring it to fruition, you should see if NNB Nutrition can help make it a reality.

How Ingredientology works

NNB’s goal is to take an “idea in your head to an ingredient in your hand”.

The process can be as simple as requesting a specific extract to use in your brand’s supplements (eg. “We need a lab-tested rhodiola extract with 5% rosavins and 2% salidrosides”) or as intense as co-developing and co-patenting a novel ingredient to sell to other brands in the market.

The Ingredient Development process

For the more “intense” and creative cases, the project flows something like the following:

  1. NNB’s clients tell them what new ingredients they want to develop and what their plan is for the new ingredients.
  2. NNB’s scientists perform the initial research on the ingredient to figure out whether it is feasible from the standpoint of technology and production. They also determine what kind of technology will be best to develop the ingredient (ie. synthetic, enzymatic, fermented, or extracted?)
  3. Custom Supplement Ingredient Creation

    Are you ready to be a part of the next major breakthrough? NNB can help get you there.

    NNB’s R&D center then carries out experiments to develop and procure the appropriate lab technology, and prepares samples at a lab scale (normally this means several grams to hundreds of grams).
  4. The R&D center then develops the production process, and carries out a pilot production run in the lab (normally this is kilograms in scale).
  5. After that, they transfer the technology and production process to their factory for bulk production.
  6. Based on the ingredient and the agreed-upon strategy, NNB can begin clinical studies, safety studies and certification, regulatory work, branding work, intellectual property work, and other bureaucratic necessities.

This process of course adjusts depending on the opportunity, but is a blueprint for what often happens. Contracts will be signed regarding any IP ownership and sales/marketing strategies.

Watch Mike and Shawn Discuss Ingredientology on IG Live

To understand a bit more of the process above, watch the video below with Mike from PricePlow and Shawn Wells from NNB Nutrition:

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Driving Ingredient Innovation

The ingredients NNB creates and sells fall into three categories for human health and longevity:

  1. Best-Selling Ingredients: Addressing Industry Pain Points

    An example here is NNB’s C8Vantage, which is a high-quality MCT powder based nearly entirely on caprylic acid (C8). When the MCT industry was bothered by issues like poor ketone production, dairy allergens, GMO ingredients, and being non-vegan/vegetarian friendly, NNB solved those problems with C8Vantage.

    The ingredient itself wasn’t anything new, but it was finally done right.

  2. Revolutionary Ingredients: Using Technology to make the Impossible… Possible

    NNB GlucoVantage

    GlucoVantage from NNB Nutrition is a pure form of Dihydroberberine (DHB) and is known as “The Super Berberine”. There is no better proof of NNB’s capabilities than this incredible creation.

    An example is MitoBurn (L-BAIBA), known as an exercise-induced factor that has exciting potential for losing fat. We had blogged about BAIBA as far back as 2015, but no one had been able to properly commercialize the ingredient with suitable manufacturing technology.

    After years of research, NNB finally created and developed an advanced technology to commercially produce this ingredient at a more reasonable cost. Similar ingredients include MitoPrime, GlucoVantage, and KetoNat.

  3. Trend-leading Ingredients: Creating New, Healthier Lifestyles

    NNB Nutrition’s team follows industry trends, and makes sure to stay in front of the growing markets, which are quickly reaching a state of awareness for what it means to be truly healthy. NNB is a leader in the ultra low carbohydrate market, and will continue to prove to be trend-leading. They are going to change the way people consume coffee, protein, and sweeteners for healthier and higher performing lifestyles.

The Brains and Biotechnology Behind NNB

Ultimately, NNB Nutrition’s success revolves around the intelligence of their scientists (a team of over 100!) and their innovative technology and manufacturing platform. This is what they do. Drilling into these two areas:

  1. Advanced technology

    Formulate Supplement Ingredients

    There are also many ways to improve existing products. An example is how NNB is making plant protein better than ever!

    NNB focuses on four core technologies: organic synthesis, enzymatic transformation, plant extraction, and microbial fermentation. With these technologies, they’ve been creating ingredients for the largest brands in the world – and there’s a high likelihood that you’ve already used an ingredient they created!

  2. Top-ranking team in the industry

    NNB makes their scientific team and technological resources available to innovators and entrepreneurs around the world. With an elite global team of over 100 scientists from more than 10 countries, they are designing and delivering hundreds of unique ingredients.

As you can see, NNB goes far beyond being a raw material supplier. They can be a long term and powerful platform partner to help you grow your business, build your brand, and bring your ideas to life.

No matter your size, NNB is here to grow and scale something epic with you. Contact them today and let’s make some ingredients!

You can read more on NNB’s main Ingredientology page at nnbnutrition.com/ingredientology and contact their team at nnbnutrition.com/contact.

NNB Nutrition Ingredientology

Taken from NNBNutrition.com. Get ready to bring new ingredient science to life with NNB!

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Mike Roberto

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