Supplement Coupons are Now Built into PricePlow!

Happy New Year!

Today, we’re happy to announce supplement coupons here at PricePlow!

But unlike every other coupon site or deals page out there, we’re doing it with a twist: the coupons are rolled into the actual product price comparisons on PricePlow.

The TL;DR:

How it works

There are two different ways to use PricePlow’s new coupon features:

  1. General supplement shopping

    This is how most of you use PricePlow. You already know what product you want, or at least the type of product to get.  The supplement search page helps.

    In this case, you look at the price comparisons for the product, or dig through some product options on the category pages (any hot deals will be up top).

    If this is you, then the process remains the same – except many of the prices are now even lower thanks to the new coupon integration:

    The “coupon available” tag:

    Coupon Available

    You’ll see a smaller version of this on a store button when a coupon’s available

    You’ll know that a coupon is involved for a price when you see the yellow Coupon Available tag, shown to the right. The “Go to Store” button will look like it does below:

    Store Coupon

    Example store button with coupon available

    The process

    When you click on any link with the tag, two things happen:

    1. Your current browser tab will go to the store, and
    2. A new tab will open up telling you about the coupon code.

    You can then copy that code and when you’re done shopping at the store, paste it into the store’s checkout page, and you’ve just saved some cash.

  2. Coupon browsing

    You can also go to our supplement coupons page at and take a look at what’s out there.

    When you click on a “Show Coupon” button, it will open a new tab and show you the coupon code there, and take you to the store in the existing tab.

    This is how most other coupon sites operate.

The PricePlow Way

Supplement Coupons

Supplement Coupons are Here! More improvements are planned below

We’re happy to show you the coupon codes like step #2, but it’s honestly not why we’re here. We don’t intend on being just another “coupon site”.

After all, just because there’s a coupon doesn’t mean it’s your best option!

Our goal is to find you the absolute best price on the products you want – not to help you try to get lucky at a certain store.

PricePlow lets you think about what to get first, and then where to get it second – not the other way around.

New Exclusive Coupons!

We’re also happy to announce that four stores listed below are now offering exclusive coupons to our users!

Here’s what we have so far:

These sitewide coupons are calculated into PricePlow’s prices, so you should see them helping out around the site.

Think smart with the one-timer coupons

But the one time use only coupons are just that – one time per user. So use them wisely on a larger cart with some of your favorite protein — you shouldn’t “waste” the savings on a small $25 purchase!

Best Deals You’ll Find on MTS and Friends

MTS Whey Coupon

Hey I make awesome award-winning protein and using PRICEPLOW is the best way to buy it!

Of note, three of the stores listed above carry the ever-popular MTS Machine Whey Protein by Marc Lobliner (as well as other products distributed by Tiger Fitness), so you can use them to get a better deal than anyone else.

We mention MTS Whey because they recently won Stack3d’s Protein Wars, and the future is extremely bright for this entire Tiger Fitness family (which includes Physiques of Greatness and Big J’s).  Teamed up with PricePlow, you won’t get these products any cheaper on a regular day (without a holiday sale).

We thank the stores listed above for participating, and look forward to getting more coupons soon!

Minimum Spend coupons

When digging through the coupons page, you’ll notice some coupons that only work if you spend a minimum amount of money, such as “Save $8 on Orders of $150”.

These coupons are not calculated into any single product price since we don’t know how much you’re planning on spending.

We may consider showing these coupons to you anyway, just so that you know they’re available.  More on that soon.

Hot deal integration

Our supplement deals page looks for prices on certain products that are below a certain dollar limit (which has been set manually by us).

It will now use any available coupons to determine the final price, and if that price is below our hot deal threshold, it will get listed on our deals page. Users who are monitoring these alerts will be emailed.

We recommend that all users sign up for deal alerts – it’s a maximum of one deal per day, and we set a pretty strict criteria so that you get a lot of product for not a lot of money.

Future Features

Here’s what we have slated for this month:

  1. Coupon-based email alerts

    Update: This feature is completed and working.

    Right now, our increasingly popular email alert system is not calculating coupons.  That will be added as soon as possible, and when it does, almost everyone is likely to get an email about a new low price somewhere on the site.

    Get signed up

    So head over to your favorite supplement brand page and click monitor this brand, click get price drops on your most important supplement categories, or click get price alerts on your favorite product pages, and you’ll never miss a good deal again.

  2. Include coupons on the blog’s price widgets

    Update: This feature is completed and working.

    Once all known issues are fixed, we will be updating our WordPress plugin so that coupons will also work from the price widgets in the blog and any other blog that uses the plugin.

  3. BOGO deals and smarter deal logic

    2015 Features

    We’re slightly less ambitious about our future features and inventions, but excited nonetheless

    We’ve been discussing how to handle special deals such as Buy 1 Get 1 Free, or Buy 2 Get 1 Free. You just can’t run a proper deals site in this industry without this!

    The current way of doing it (by doubling the serving size) is very sloppy and difficult to maintain.

    So first things first, we’re going to setup a better way of displaying BOGO and B2G1 in a clean way.

    After that, we can then make smarter decisions automatically calculate a “unit price” so that PricePlow can make smart deal decisions on its own.

    Example with B2G1 – Deal or no deal?

    For instance, let’s say a certain 5lb tub of whey protein is a hot deal at $35.

    Then one day, there’s a Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal, but the price is $45/tub. Technically, that should be a hot deal to us, since we are now getting 15lbs for $90, which is cheaper than our threshold of 5lbs per $35.

    But in order to make that happen right now, we have to jump through all sorts of silly hoops every time.  That doesn’t scale and that means we’re going to miss out.

    So we’re going to fix this, and when that’s done, even more hot deal alerts will be triggered.

  4. Store Updates

    Maybe you’re a big fan of a store like Tiger Fitness. We’ll eventually allow you to sign up for alerts so that you get emailed anytime there’s a new coupon there, or if they get a new hot deal.

  5. Stack and vCart Integration

    Late last year, we launched supplement stacks (announcement here) and our virtual shopping cart. Coupons are not calculated there yet either, but eventually we’ll get them there too.

    This is where those minimum-spend coupons mentioned above will come into play.

PricePlow logo

PLOW IT DOWN and have a great 2015

Over the past year, we’ve done our best to make PricePlow the place to save money on vitamins, supplements, and nutrition products.

We’ll continue to make this system as smart and powerful as possible, but we can’t do it without your support. Always feel free to holler at us on Facebook, Twitter, or our contact page if you need some help or want to get a new product listed or refreshed.

Until then, thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, and good luck with your gains (or losses) in 2015.

-Mike and the team

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