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Mike McCandless: How to Sell a Supplement Brand | Episode #106

Mike McCandless - How to Sell a Supplement Brand: PricePlow Podcast #106

If you’ve been around the supplement industry the past decade or two, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Mike McCandless, the founder of Scivation and creator of the legendary Xtend BCAA formula that upended the entire sports nutrition industry.

Mike McCandless: A Master of Supplement Business Transactions

The last time we publicly spoke was when […]
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Jack Gayton: How The Vitamin Shoppe Picks Brands | Episode #105

Jack Gayton: The Vitamin Shoppe Divisional Vice President of Merchandising

In July of 2023, The Vitamin Shoppe held their annual Wellness Summit, a corporate event where key presentations and discussions are given by employees and partnered brands, highlighting industry trends and business plans.

While there, we had Jack Gayton, The Vitamin Shoppe’s Divisional Vice President of Merchandising on the podcast along with […]
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BodyTech Elite’s Altered Physique: Novel Thermogenic at The Vitamin Shoppe

BodyTech Elite Altered Physique

If you’ve frequented The Vitamin Shoppe anytime in the past couple of decades, you’ve undoubtedly seen BodyTech, their sports nutrition brand that specializes in the science of performance. For years, we’ve frequently featured BodyTech’s Whey Tech Pro 24 on our supplement deals page, since it brings a great mix of value and efficacy.[…]
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David Dodrill – Arms Race Nutrition Takes on 2023 | Episode #083

David Dodrill Arms Race Nutrition PricePlow Podcast

If you’re active in the sports nutrition industry, then you’ve undoubtedly met — or at least heard of — David Dodrill of Arms Race Nutrition (ARN). He’s the man in the van, driving across the nation to retailers, gyms, and everything in between to spread the good word of the Arms Race.

Arms Race […]
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Scott Dicker – Analyzing Supplement Trends at SPINS | Episode #082

Scott Dicker at SPINS

In late January 2023, we sat down to speak with Scott Dicker of SPINS, a wellness-focused data technology company that provides retail consumer insights and analytics, with a focus in the natural, organic, and specialty products industries.

Gathering Market Insights at SPINS

Scott is their director of market insights, and has a special […]
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Lost and Found Energy Drink: Grape Fizz Launches at Vitamin Shoppe

Lost & Found Energy Grape Fizz

There isn’t a man or woman alive who couldn’t use more energy. Energy is what keeps us ticking – it’s the difference between a life lived powerfully and a life lived impotently.

Of course, as you get older, the energy that seemed so abundant when you were young just seems to slip further and further […]
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Core Nutritionals FURY Pre-Workout v2 Available Everywhere

Core Nutritionals FURY

Core Nutritionals’ FURY pre-workout, long regarded as one of the most potent products in its category, is getting a redesign – and we’re all about it. Originally available at The Vitamin Shoppe, it’s now unleashed on the Core website and everywhere else.

Core FURY v2: Packed with Five Blends, Time-Release Caffeine, and Tons of[…]
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Arms Race Nutrition Now in Vitamin Shoppe

Arms Race Nutrition Vitamin Shoppe

It’s been a couple years of incredible growth for Arms Race Nutrition, the novel influential sports supplement brand co-owned by Doug Miller and Julian Smith. Abbreviated to “ARN”, the brand supports foundational basics and old school principles, backed by modern science.

Arms Race is on a hot streak, with three hugely successful product […]
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Ghost X Maxx Chewning 2022: Limited Edition Energy, Legend, and Pump

Ghost Strawbango Margarita Maxx Chewning Note: The 2023 Maxx Chewning Collabs are out, and this year, they’re doing a GHOST x Sour Strips collab, and Strawbango Margarita Ghost Energy has been separately re-launched for a limited time!

Ghost Lifestyle and Maxx Chewning are back for their annual collaborative romp – and this year’s more serious than ever – with trademarks[…]
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Kaged Muscle Becomes KAGED: Never Stop Evolving | PPP #058

Kaged Muscle is now KAGED

On December 7, 2021, Ben sat down with Darin Decker and Michael McClane of Kaged Muscle, who had a lot to say about the future of the brand.

You may remember Darin from Episode #047, where we learned of the great things coming for the end of 2021. This episode takes things a lot[…]
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