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FiberMode: EVL Fiber + Probiotic = Polydextrose-Driven Gut Health

EVL Fiber + Probiotic

EVLution Nutrition is a brand we’ve shown a lot of love, especially with our constant obsession over the Fruit Punch flavor of BCAA Energy. With all the hype and craze surrounding pre- and intra workout supplements, there is less […]

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Grenade Carb Killa Bars Storm the US Shores

Grenade Carb Killa

The claim of best protein bar is in constant flux among the fitness population. We’ve stated over and over again that our top choice for taste and texture is OhYeah! ONE Bar. But, everytime we post a protein bar […]

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Cellucor C4 Mass – A Bulker’s C4.. with FIBER?!

Cellucor C4 Mass

The new Cellucor C4 Mass supplement is now out, and it’s different from any bulking supplement you’ve ever seen. Cellucor has not only added new stimulants (same as with the new C4 formula), they’ve carbo-loaded this one as well […]

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