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Olive Oil

Myprotein Clear Whey Meal Replacement: An MRP with Olive Oil.. That’s Clear!

Myprotein Clear Whey Meal Replacement

As you’d probably guess from their name, Myprotein has historically specialized in protein supplements like powders, bars, and high-protein snacks. In this they differ a bit from most of their industry competitors, where the focus is almost always on performance-boosting ergogenic sports supplements like stimulants and nitric oxide precursors.

Myprotein has plenty of performance-boosters as […]
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sho Nutrition Balance: Enhanced and Easy Digestion

sho Nutrition Balance

Recently, we introduced you to Joy Wang and her company sho Nutrition. In that post, we explained a little about Joy’s history in the industry as well as the way she’s revolutionizing the ease of taking your daily supplements (both in consumption and in remembering to do so!).

Today, we spotlight sho’s digestive health […]
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