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RipFACTOR Boosts Strength, Reps, and Free + Total Testosterone: New 2024 Study

RipFACTOR 2024 Study: Increased Strength and Testosterone

A phenomenal new study has been published using PLT Health’s RipFACTOR Muscle-Building Supplement, Showing 10-15% gains in strength, reps performed, and total testosterone… and an insane 30-40% increase in free testosterone![1] This article breaks it down:

Aside from dietary supplement mainstays like zinc, magnesium, and vitamin C, there’s an important and growing […]
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MuscleTech Alpha Test Thermo Products: Which is Best for You?

Muscletech Alpha Test Thermo Products

For years, MuscleTech has set itself apart in two key areas: a willingness to incorporate novel ingredients unlike other similarly large brands, and hybrid formulations. That and of course some of the most fun sponsored athletes in the entire industry!

Whereas most brands have a separate product for each element of health and wellness, […]
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