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Micellar Casein Protein

Kaged Casein: Everything to Know about Casein Protein

Kaged Kasein

We’re always excited to write about a product from Kaged Supplementsespecially if it involves a protein powder or any form of supplemental protein.

Kaged has proven that they’ve got an awesome protein game over the last few years. Back in 2018 they released their Kaged Whey Protein Isolate, an exceptionally pure whey […]
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Honey Grahams! Black Magic Multi-Source Protein

Black Magic Supply Multi-Source Protein

Black Magic Supply made their entry into the supplement arena with the phenomenal pre-workout, BZRK. A monster of a formula with huge doses of psychoactive stimulants, BZRK offers consumers a bracing look into the mentality steering this radical company whose powers are summoned from “the other side.”

We just discussed the new Orange Cooler[…]
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Throughout his years of bodybuilding and elite-tier fitness, CORE Nutritionals founder and CEO Doug Miller has kept a few things extremely consistent: Crushing It with high-volume training, a whole-food based MRP (CORE MRP, his first supplement), staying true to his Core Values… and finishing each day with a bowl of high-protein sludge.[…]
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NutraBio’s Confetti Cake Muscle Matrix Protein is Here to Stay!

NutraBio Muscle Matrix Confetti Cake

For 2020’s 4th of July, NutraBio launched their Freedom Flavors, which consisted of three new supplement flavors across two different protein powders.

The “Freedom Flavors” were supposed to be limited-edition releases… but two of them were so good that they had to be added to the permanent lineup!

The first of those two is […]
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NutraBio’s 4th of July FREEDOM Flavors Have Arrived!

NutraBio Freedom Flavors

NutraBio has been incredibly busy the first half of 2020 – they’ve been dropping new products, flavors, and helping out their community through uncertain times.

However, NutraBio was fairly quiet for the entire month of June, coming off back to back launches of Banana Cream Pie Classic Whey, Sweet Tea Super Carb, and […]
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NutraBio Muscle Matrix Ice Cream Cookie Dream is Now a Reality!

NutraBio Ice Cream Cookie Dream

NutraBio continues to expand their flavor options, but this time, their Muscle Matrix protein blend is getting all the love… and it’s well deserved! There are several blends on the market, but very few like this one, since NutraBio uses two of the highest quality protein sources that exist: whey protein isolate and micellar casein[…]
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NutraBio Muscle Matrix Chocolate Peanut Butter Bliss Has Arrived!

NutraBio Muscle Matrix Chocolate Peanut Butter Bliss

NutraBio is known for complete transparency, third party testing, and unmatched quality. Mark Glazier, CEO and founder of NutraBio, started the company back in 1996 and he quickly learned that in order to do things right, he had to build his own facility. Fast forward 20 years later, NutraBio is one of the […]
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NutraBio Muscle Matrix Gets the Superb Strawberry Pastry Flavor!

NutraBio Muscle Matrix Strawberry Pastry

When on the topic of fully-disclosed protein blends, one of the first products to come to mind is NutraBio Muscle Matrix, which sports a simple yet very underrated blend of ~55% whey protein isolate and 45% micellar casein protein.

This protein powder provides an extraordinary amino acid profile, is low on lactose (thanks to […]
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NutraOne Protein Creations Feature Fanciful Flavors

NutraOne Protein Creations Chocolate Hazelnut

If there is one thing we certainly love over here at PricePlow, it’s seeing new and delicious flavors for protein powder. Nothing is worse than cracking open the same bland tub of whey day after day until you can’t even stand the flavor. Today, we cover one that’s completely different.

The solution is here for […]
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NutraBio Micellar Casein Strawberry Ice Cream Brings Dessert Before Bed

NutraBio Micellar Casein Strawberry Ice Cream

NutraBio has continued their reign of weekly product launches and flavor re-invigorations with yet another long-awaited flavor system upgrade:

Strawberry Ice Cream flavored NutraBio Micellar Casein!

We have the story below, but first take a look at PricePlow’s deals on this flavor and sign up for our NutraBio news alerts, as you never know when […]
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