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Meal Replacements

RedCon1 MRE: Military-Inspired Meal Replacement… That Tastes GREAT

RedCon1 MRE

We’ve all seen meal replacement powders, but how often are they made from REAL FOOD?

Ever since splashing on the scene in mid 2016, RedCon1 has been on a tear — steadily releasing new and exciting supplements each month. We’ve covered some of the highlights, including the best selling pre workout Total War and […]
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NutraBio Muscle Matrix MRP: An Athlete’s Meal

NutraBio Muscle Matrix MRP

Finally, a meal replacement powder with quality protein sources!

Too often you find yourself scurrying about from point A to point B in your busy life with barely enough time to fit in quality time in the gym, let alone eating quality foods. Our busy lives make it hard to stay on track with our […]
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Soylent LAWSUIT: High Levels of Lead and Cadmium Found?

Soylent Lawsuit

It’s been quite some time since we talked about Soylent, the awfully-named “meal replacement” created by silicon valley startup engineers, often sold to other silicon valley startup engineers.

We’ve been due for an update to that past, as a couple of our opinions have changed*, but this week’s latest topic is how Soylent’s creators […]
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Rich Piana 5% Nutrition REAL CARBS Review: Legit Food-Based Carbs!

Real Food Reviews

I’ll admit it – sometimes I’m just lazy when it comes to food. There’s absolutely no good excuse for this when it comes to carbs — after all, bulk cooking brown rice or baking sweet potatoes is completely painless. Oats are even easier.

But sadly, there are times when I’m sitting here working and am […]
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Soylent Subterfuge: When a Bad Joke Turns into a Business

The Bad Advice Mallard on Diet Help

Update: The Soylent Squared “meal replacement bar” is now out, and it looks even worse than this sludge. Our conclusions about the potential dangers of this product have become stronger over time.

We may consume food, but food consumes us even more.  Not only does it cost time to grow, but it’s expensive, and when […]
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