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SteelFit Shredded Steel: The Intense Fat Burner That Wires You IN

SteelFit Shredded Steel Label

Although a “new” brand, SteelFit‘s team has been in the fitness industry for nearly 30 years. They come from Pro TanⓇ, the leading skincare and tanning products in the bodybuilding industry. But in recent years, the team has […]

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Myokem Pyroxamine: The Focus Fat Burner Returns from the Dead!

Pyroxamine is Back.

In 2014, an upstart brand named Myokem took a massive bite out of the supplement industry with two incredible supplements, the Nitramine Pre Workout and Pyroxamine fat burner. Pyroxamine was one of the first supplements to use Paradoxine grains […]

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Hi-Tech Black Piranha: The Newest Coca Leaf Fat Burner

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Black Piranha

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals caught the attention of everyone just a few months ago when they unveiled Lipodrene Elite, the very first fat burner to include Coca Leaf Extract! The industry leader in fat burners is back at it again, and […]

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Metabolic Nutrition’s ThermoKal Caffeine-Free Fat Burner Fails

Metabolic Nutrition Sasha

We call on Metabolic Nutrition to open this formula up and revise their label so that we can update this post. Until then, we cannot recommend this product.

Awhile back on the blog, we covered the latest fat burner from […]

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BZERQ by AlphaOne Labs: Focused Pre Workout Down Under

AlphaOne Labs BZERQ

You may have noticed that we’ve had some pretty potent pre workouts populating the blog lately. Well the week is early, so here’s another strong pre workout power to get going!

Today, we feature another upstart brand from Down Under […]

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HellFire EPH 150: The Most Ephedra You Can Get!

Innovative Labs HellFire

HellFire EPH 150 has been around for several years now, but was previously produced independently by Innovative Labs, a smaller manufacturer that didn’t have as much of a public profile.

It acquired a small but strong following, thanks to the […]

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ANS Diablo Inferno: Seriously Thermogenic Fat Burner

ANS Diablo Inferno

Some companies seem to release a new product every month of every year just to stay in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Others take their time, maybe release 2-3 products per year, stay under the radar and let their products […]

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Black Mamba Hyper Rush: One SERIOUS Fat Burner

Dieting season is just around the corner, and often times keeping the appetite down can be the hardest part for people looking to lose weight. Nothing is harder than having to deprive yourself of your ‘standard’ number of calories while […]

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Muscle Elements 212: Don’t Just Burn Fat.. BOIL It!!

Muscle Elements 212

In the wide ranging spectrum of nutritional supplements, perhaps no other category is more well-known, or heavily scrutinized, than fat burners. You have the effective ones that use ingredients shown to aid fat loss, and then the “others” that end […]

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Controlled Labs White Rapids – Feel the Rush!

Controlled Labs White Rapids

In the world of pre-workouts supplements, there are two groups: the contenders and the pretenders. While there are a litany of the latter, very few fall into the former. Controlled Labs, thankfully, has always delivered a rather effective and […]

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