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Nitrocut Attempts to Censor Negative Ingredient Analysis on

Nitrocut is heralded as the place to go for high quality, in-depth, brutally honest supplement reviews.

While nearly all of the reviews and analyses on the site is provided by the users, the “SR” staff often gets into the mix – especially when they see something extremely offensive or dishonest. That’s where we find ourselves […]
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RedCon1 Tier Operator Program Makes Waves in Affiliate World

RedCon1 Tier Operator

Let’s face it, at some point in your lifting life, you’ve seriously considered quitting your current mindless paper-pushing, number-crunching job and wanted to pursue a career in the field of supplements. After all, how cool would it be to actually work for the brand whose supplements you purchase and use on a regular basis. Sounds […]
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PreSeries BULK – $49 Pre Workout Has Industry Abuzz…

Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk

Every once in awhile the supplement world is graced with a truly exceptional pre workout. One that contains proven ingredients in their efficacious doses proven in the lab. Today’s one of those lucky days, and the industry is a buzzin with this one!

Transparent Labs may be an unknown company to many of you, but […]
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Maximum Shred SCAM – $87 Product with $4 of Ingredients

Stay away from Shady Scams and Rebills!

One thing most of us know and love about the supplement industry is that it’s generally policed by the consumer base and peer competitors. Most shady behavior is called out on various levels: social media, bad reviews, class action lawsuits, or, if the situation is bad enough, the FTC or FDA.

But flying under the […]
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