RedCon1 Tier Operator Program Makes Waves in Affiliate World

RedCon1 Tier Operator

RedCon1 has started the Tier Operator Initiative that enables you to work for the brand and get loads of prizes, swag, and CASH in return!

Let’s face it, at some point in your lifting life, you’ve seriously considered quitting your current mindless paper-pushing, number-crunching job and wanted to pursue a career in the field of supplements. After all, how cool would it be to actually work for the brand whose supplements you purchase and use on a regular basis. Sounds like the dream job doesn’t it?!

Well, thanks to RedCon1, you can have that opportunity, all while keeping your current job!

RedCon1’s Tier Operator Initiative enables you to sell for one of the fastest growing brands in the industry. The best part is, there’s no job interview to get a position, you immediately start working to prove your worth and skills to the company you love.

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What is the Tier Operator Initiative?

RedCon1 Tier Up

Here’s the latest batch of operators that have “tiered up” and climbed from Tier 5 to Tier 4!

Essentially, this is RedCon1’s take on a supplement representative program merged with an affiliate marketing program.

You enlist recruits (customers) to purchase RedCon1 supplements using your very own unique code. Each code is individualized for you and allows your recruits to save 10% on their favorite RedCon1 products. The more people who buy using your code, the higher ranking you earn.

Meanwhile, every Tier Operator gets a 30% off coupon code on their own personal purchases, so it’s worthwhile to join even if you don’t (yet) have a huge following!

But once you start making sales with your code, you’ll begin climbing the various ranks or “tiers.” The higher you climb, the bigger the incentives, commissions/bonuses, and FREEBIES that start rolling in!

Bonuses range from free products to cash to a possible trip to the Olympia and Arnold supplement and fitness expos all as part of the RedCon1 corps!

What Tier are you?

RedCon1’s Tier Operator program has five different groupings or “tiers” that their “operators” fall into. Think of an operator as a “brand ambassador” and the tier you fall into is based off the volume of monthly sales you have for people using your unique 10% off code!

Here’s an up close look at the different tiers:

  • Tier 5 (0 – 9 sales)

    RedCon1 Tier Shout Out

    Here’s what you can expect in terms of “shout outs” from RedCon1 when you ascend to a new tier.

    • Access to RedCon1’s Dropbox of images and logos
    • Unique 10% off code for your customers
    • 30% off for all personal supplement purchases
  • Tier 4 (10 – 49 sales)

    • 1 free supplement + 1 free “swag” item
    • Facebook Group Invite
    • All perks of Tier 5
  • Tier 3 (50 – 149 sales)

    • 10% Commission on all sales
    • 2 free supplements + 1 free “swag” item
    • 1 Instagram “shout out” post
    • All perks of Tier 4 and 5
  • Tier 2 (150+ sales)

    • Invited to events and RedCon1 get togethers
    • Free $500 value of retail product
    • 15% commission on sales
    • All perks of Tiers 3, 4, and 5
  • Tier 1 (“Elite Athlete level” for select members only)

    • 15% commission on sales + salary
    • Invited to major events (Arnold and Olympia)
    • Visit Boca Raton and workout with the Elite Athletes
    • All perks of Tiers 2, 3, 4, and 5
Click here to enlist in the RedCon1 Tier Operator Program

For more info on the RedCon1 Tier Operator program check out the video below:

Disclaimer: PricePlow is not a member of this program, but we think it’s one of the coolest and highest-motivation rep/affiliate programs designed.


RedCon1 Taylor Spadaccino

Click here for all of RedCon1’s products.

If you’ve always wanted to work in the supplement industry, but never knew if you had the “it” factor to make (or even the qualifications), here’s your chance to prove yourself! No strings attached!

Being a Tier Operator enables you to pursue that career you’ve always dreamed of. Anyone who’s reached tier 2 or tier 1 status has something they can literally put on any resume in this industry – but the crazy part is that you’d then be making enough money with RedCon1 that you wouldn’t need that resume for much longer!

No fuss, no muss…simply have your social network followers, friends, and family use your code, and the perks start coming back. Work hard enough and you’ll be rewarded with salary, bonuses, and MORE!

So, what are you waiting for? See if you have what it takes to survive in this industry and ENLIST today!

Click here to enlist in the RedCon1 Tier Operator Program

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Listen to Aaron Singerman Discuss the Program’s Progress

RedCon1 founder Aaron Singerman does Facebook Live chats every weekend, and in November 2016, he discusses it in further detail (the audio gets better at 5:40):

If you want to hear more from Aaron about the start of RedCon1, see Mike’s Interview with Aaron Singerman below:

Aaron Singerman Discusses the Present, Future, and the Past:

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Hopefully that gives you enough information to see the type business Aaron has going here so you can be confident in joining the Program!

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