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Anarchy Labs Shogun — Obey the Master of Fat Loss

Anarchy Labs Shogun

Apollon Gym is the legendary hardcore gym in Edison, NJ, often called the gym of the “HARDCORE, OLD SCHOOL, EXTREME, NO BULLSHIT” athlete. It’s no surprise that some of the greatest combat athletes have come out of the no-nonsense gym […]

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Apollon Nutrition CHAOS Fat Burner Brings the Heat.. Yohimbe-Free!

Apollon Nutrition Chaos

We’ve covered New Jersey’s hardcore brand Apollon Nutrition in great detail a time or two before, discussing how the up and coming brand started solely for its gym clients of mixed martial arts athletes and now has exploded in popularity […]

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Adaptogen Science Furian Xtreme: High Paradoxine Fat Burner

Adaptogen Science Furian Xtreme Strength

It’s bulking season, but not everyone is looking to get bigger this winter. As the thermometer descends, some are still looking to burn fat – so you might as well do it with some heat added to the mix!

For […]

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Primeval Labs Adrenal Rush V2: Upgraded Flavors, Same Kick

Primeval Labs Adrenal Rush V2

Primeval Labs has been one of the busiest supplement companies in the industry the past 12 months, and things are only getting hotter. In just a matter of months, the brand has released an incredibly well-dosed nootropic in Gray Matter[…]

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AML Power Rep: Boost Workouts with Peak ATP and More!

AML Power Rep

Sometimes when you’re looking for the perfect pre workout stack, your current pre workout takes care of most of the essentials like citrulline, caffeine, and alpha gpc. But many of those pre workouts don’t have some of the new cutting […]

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Labrada Super Charge: New 2015 Version!

Labrada Super Charge

Lee Labrada is as synonymous with bodybuilding and supplements as just about any figure in the game today. Last year they launched the disappointing PE-1, which we thought would replace their other extremely popular pre workout offering, Super Charge 4.0 […]

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