Myokem Pyroxamine: The Focus Fat Burner Returns from the Dead!

In 2014, an upstart brand named Myokem took a massive bite out of the supplement industry with two incredible supplements, the Nitramine Pre Workout and Pyroxamine fat burner. Pyroxamine was one of the first supplements to use Paradoxine grains of paradise, which has become our favorite stimulant-free fat burning ingredients, so kudos to Myokem for showing us the way.

Pyroxamine 2018

Myokem Pyroxamine is Back from the Dead! Will they return to their former glory?

Then in 2015, the FDA ‘banned’ picamilon (we still contend this was a completely illegal decision, but unfortunately nobody wanted to “die on the picamilon cross” to fight them), and Myokem was forced to reformulate.

The new version of Pyroxamine instead included Theacrine and L-Theanine (both described below), and sold well… until… something happened and Myokem simply disappeared.

Pyroxamine is back, baby!

But guess what: Myokem is staging a comeback!! And the first supplement to return is Pyroxamine, with the same formula as we saw in the post-picamilon apocalypse of 2015! So we’re updating the intro and conclusion of this post, but the ingredient discussion remains the same.

With Pyroxamine, it’s all about focus and thermogenic heat – nearly every ingredient contributes to these two things one way or another, and it makes for quite the unique dieting experience. We had since moved on to other heat-inducing supplements like Olympus Labs Ignit3 and SteelFit Steel Sweat (YouTube review), but we’re excited to see our friends return!

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Pyroxamine Ingredients

Fans of the original Pyroxamine won’t notice too many changes to the formula, aside from the removal of picamilon, a.k.a. Pikatropin™. Perhaps the biggest change Myokem’s made is that the label is entirely open, fully-disclosing the amounts of each of the ingredients used. No more proprietary blends!

This is extremely rare in fat burners and stim blends in general as companies like to keep those mixes a trade secret. However, that’s not how Myokem rolls anymore. Now you know exactly how much of each fat shredding compound you’re getting.

Let’s see what they’ve got in store for the new Thermo-Focal Matrix!

  • Caralluma fimbriata (125mg)

    Pyroxamine Ingredients

    The 2018 Formula is the same as 2015: Myokem has replaced Picamilon with Theanine in the new Pyroxamine formula. Plus, they also boast an entirely open label!

    Caralluma fimbriata is an herbal powder that is the main appetite suppressant in Pyroxamine. Several studies conducted using the herb have noted significant reductions in waist circumference, BMI, weight and saturated fat intake.[1,2]

    Just in case the media gets nosy for another ingredient to attack, fear not with this one. Caralluma fimbriata was introduced to the FDA in 2004 for use in supplements and has been considered GRAS (generally regarded as safe).[3,4]

  • Olive Leaf Extract (100mg)

    Olive leaf extract is used is a wide variety of fat burners and thermogenics on the market, and for good reason. It helps to regulate blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels.[5,6,7]

    The magic to olive leaf’s effectiveness is in its oleuropein content. Pyroxamine is standardized to 10% minimum, and extracted from the richest source in the plant, olive leaves.

  • Caffeine (100mg)

    No fat burner is complete without caffeine and Myokem ensures there’s just enough included to reap the benefits of this well known CNS stimulant without sending you through the roof.

    Caffeine is great not only for waking you up, but also improves performance, concentration, and metabolism. Too many fat burners hop you up on caffeine and give you little else. Pyroxamine includes enough to get all the positives and none of the negatives.

    Oftentimes, 100mg fat burners don’t bring enough energy to the table, sometimes not even at two capsules – but with the massive blend to follow, you can rest assured you’ll have plenty of that.

  • L-Theanine (50mg)

    L-Theanine Tea

    L-Theanine comes from tea leaves, and can helps smooth out some of caffeine’s more jarring stimulant kick.

    Here’s the main change from the OG version of Pyroxamine. We’ve already mentioned that Picamilon was removed from the formula, and many wondered what, if anything would replace it.

    Theanine is the amino acid replacing Picamilon. It’s included in the same amount as picamilon was in the original formula as well.

    Theanine helps enhances the cognitive focus effects of caffeine, according to several studies.[8] Additionally, theanine helps alleviate stress, anxiety, and fatigue.[9,10]

  • Cognizin® Citicoline (50mg)

    Another potent focus booster in Pyroxamine is citicoline. Lots of pre workouts and fat burners use lower quality forms of choline supplements to improve focus, but citicoline is the most bioavailable supplement form of choline.[11]

    Choline also helps to memory and improve your “mind-muscle” connection when working out, or doing any other task really.[12] Basically, when using citicoline, you’ll just be more “with it” and cognizant of what’s going on.

    The honest truth is that we thought there was a larger dose of citicoline when using this product – the focus-drive works so well. This has to be part of it, but there’s got to be more from the other nootropics below.

  • TeaCrine® Theacrine (50mg)

    Pyroxamine is Back.

    It’s back and it’s samer than ever!

    Another new ingredient in the new formula for Pyroxamine is theacrine. It’s a molecule that’s chemically similar to caffeine and also acts as a mild CNS stimulant.

    What separates theacrine from caffeine though is that it’s energy is smoother and longer lasting than the immediate jolt users often feel from caffeine. Plus, studies show that there is no tolerance build up with theacrine, as opposed to caffeine.[13] Therefore, you won’t need to continually up the dosage to feel its effects.

  • Bacopa Monniera Extract (50mg)

    Bacopa is an herb that confers lots of anti-anxiety benefits[14] to the body, but it also does so much more. This potent herb also helps improve cognitive functioning as well – something nearly all Pyroxamine users feel and review it highly for.

    Bacopa has been used as a neuroprotective agent, primarily for its ability to possibly reverse memory loss and prevent cognitive decline.[15,16,17]

    So, not only will you have better brain function all around, you’ll also feel more relaxed and less edgy when using Bacopa.

  • Paradoxine™ Grains of Paradise Extract (40mg)

    At home or on the road Pyroxamine provides all you need for focus, energy, and fat burning.

    Focus fit for a king! (or a President)… At home or on the road Pyroxamine provides all you need for mental acuity, energy, and fat burning.

    Grains of Paradise is most often seen as a seasoning in the culinary arts, but it’s also a potent thermogenic agent. If you’ve ever used a fat burner that has cayenne pepper extract, you’ll be really familiar with that heated sensation you get in your stomach and all over.

    Grains of Paradise has been shown to increase overall energy expenditure and mobilize brown adipose (fat) tissue for use.[18] This will help engage the “fat-burning” mode in your body so you can be burning fat just by sitting around!

    If you’re feeling any heat, much of it will come from the grains of paradise – this heat component makes Pyroxamine a winter-time favorite.

    You can read more about Paradoxine in our in-depth article titled Grains of Paradise: Fat Fighting Spice of the Goddesses.

  • Evodiamine (25mg)

    Evodiamine works similar capsaicin in that it stimulates the vanilloids in your body, which helps reduce fat uptake by the cells.[19] Additionally, evodiamine also suppresses circulating levels of caffeine in the body.[20,21]

    This helps to smooth out the stim effects from caffeine, and all the other stims included in Pyroxamine. If that’s not enough, this extract also improves cognition, furthering Pyroxamine’s role as a mental-boosting supplement.[22]

  • Theobromine (25mg)

    Think of theobromine as caffeine’s little brother. It comes from the cocoa plant yields a “feel-good” sensation taken or eaten, as is the case with dark chocolate. Similar to caffeine, theobromine possesses a mild stimulatory effect on the body, but it’s smoother and longer lasting.[23]

    Much like our previous ingredient, theobromine also helps to smooth out any potential jitters you’ll experience when taken in high amounts of stimulants.

  • Hordenine (25mg)


    Higenamine activates beta-2 adrenoreceptors nearly as well as synephrine, but has less side effects, as shown by the studies cited to the left

    Hordenine is a beta-adrenergic agonist and found in the Citrus Aurantium plant. As a beta receptor agonist, hordenine increases the production of adrenaline and noradrenaline, which raises both heart rate and breathing rate.[24]

    Hordenine also works as a noradrenaline reuptake modulator in the body.[25,26] This helps noradrenaline stay active longer in your body which leads to better and longer lasting energy, alertness, and focus – and helps your body keep free fatty acids available to burn for energy now (you have to work out to use them up, otherwise they can re-attach).

  • Higenamine (25mg)

    Higenamine is another beta adrenergic included in Pyroxamine. It’s sometimes referred to as a “weaker ephedrine” (which has long since been banned for use in supplements).[27]

    Like Hordenine, it has its own mild stim kick, but really shines when used alongside caffeine and other stims. As a beta agonist, hordenine boosts production of noradrenaline, which causes a chain reaction stimulating the “fight or flight” response in the body. This increases focus, boosts concentration, and mobilizes stored fat for use as energy.

  • Huperzine A (50mcg)

    Our last focus boosting compound, and carryover from the original Pyroxamine, is the nootropic compound, Huperzine A, a.k.a. Toothed Clubmoss. While citicoline increased the amount of choline production in the body, Huperzine actually prevents its breakdown in the body.[28]

    Furthermore, huperzine has also been shown to be improve overall brain health. Not only does it slow brain cell death, but it’s also help in the creation of new brain cells, making it potentially neurogenerative.[29,30]

  • BioPerine® (5mg)

    To help your body make the most of all the ingredients included in Pyroxamine, Myokem includes the popular patented black pepper extract, BioPerine®. Black pepper extracts inhibits the body’s metabolization of the other ingredients included, which has the bonus effect of making them more bioavailable.[31]


Myokem Pyroxamine


Each bottle of Pyroxamine contains 60 capsules, enough for a 30-day supply if dosing 2 caps per day, or 60-day supply if only using 1 cap per day.

At the time of writing, the new Pyroxamine specified here isn’t out yet, but it should hit stores sometime within the next two months (just in time to shed those holiday pounds, you’ll likely get).


The resurrection of a brand – now this is something we don’t see too often!

Although unnecessary drama and investigations into picamilon forced Myokem’s hand into reformulating a truly great fat burner, it looks like all the trouble was well worth it. The new formula for Pyroxamine looks great and the fact that the label is 100% open is only another point in Myokem’s favor.

Sadly the product doesn’t launch for quite a while, but we have high hopes for it and look forward to updating our Top 10 Fat Burners list.

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is a biohacker with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several "n=1" experiments done on himself.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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