Inspired Nutraceuticals RST (R.E.M. Sleep Therapy) Announced

Inspired Nutraceuticals is hot off their Ember Non-Stim launch, and have announced that there’s more on the way:

Inspired Nutraceuticals RST Announcement

Inspired Nutraceuticals RST: R.E.M. Sleep Therapy

Inspired Nutra’s next supplement, RST (pronounced “Rest”) stands for R.E.M. Sleep Therapy, and word is that it’ll a completely new kind of sleep aid that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Chris Waldrum, Inspired Nutra’s CEO and creative extraordinare, told us this (and we’re re-posting it without permission):

“I can’t begin to tell you how excited we are to launch this product. In a category saturated with overly sedative and hormone laden ingredients, RST is totally unique in its approach to achieve the desired outcome of replenishing sleep.

Seriously can’t wait to show you the formula and get you some to take.”

— Chris Waldrum, Inspired Nutra CEO

That’s all we know, but it’s enough to get fired up about. It seems that this will be melatonin-free given what Chris is saying about “hormone laden ingredients” (melatonin is a hormone)… we’ll find out soon enough.

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If you’re unfamiliar with Chris and Inspired Nutra, see our most recent podcast with him: Chris Waldrum: Catching Up with Inspired Nutraceuticals | Episode #046. You can get a feel for their supplement formulas by looking at the DVST8 Global pre-workout supplement or the recent Ember Non-Stim fat burner.

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