InnovaPharm Pump Dirt Capsules: Extreme Glucose-Powered Pumps!

InnovaPharm Pump Dirt Caps

InnovaPharm is back with a new version of their popular glucose disposal / utilization agent Pump Dirt, now in capsule form and touting a new anabolic ingredient — Shikonin.

When we last left InnovaPharm, we had just finished discussing the brands novel glucose utilization agent, Pump Dirt Powder, which has since been discontinued in lieu of this one.

Though the brand has seemed a bit quiet in recent months, they’ve been pounding the R&D pavement and true to form, they’ve uncovered yet another unique compound and this time have come out with a capsule-delivery form to help you continue to crush those carbs without putting on any unsightly fat.

Gone are the days of having to choke down 4-6 capsules for your GDA — with the new Pump Dirt Caps, you now have a potent ONE capsule solution for enhanced glucose utilization / disposal.

We’ve got the dirt on this one below, but first, check out our coupon and sign up for alerts:

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InnovaPharm Pump Dirt Caps Ingredients

True to form, InnovaPharm is bringing something new to the table with Shikonin a potent glucose-shuttling agent that works independent of insulin.

The new capsule-based form of Pump Dirt carries of two of the same ingredients from the powder form, but as we’ve come to expect from InnovaPharm, they’ve brought a new innovative ingredient to the formula too, which is exactly where we’ll start:

Note: Doses listed below are based on one serving (i.e. one capsule).

  • Shikonin (250mg)

    Shikonin (Lithospermum erythrorhizon), commonly referred to as purple gromwell or red gromwell, is a Chinese herbal medicine used for its various antiviral and biological activities. As it turns out, it’s also an incredibly effective glucose disposal agent too!

    Shikonin is shown to shuttle glucose into muscle cells by directly increasing the calcium concentration in skeletal muscle tissue, mimicking muscle contraction.[1]

    “Contraction of skeletal muscles (such as that occurring during exercise) also leads to increased glucose uptake. This is in part due to AMPK-activation but also on non-AMPK mediated mechanisms which may include ROS and NO production [11], and importantly increases in intracellular Ca2+ levels[12]. Furthermore, increased calcium levels can induce glucose uptake also independently of contraction [13]and calcium ionophores are shown to increase glucose uptake in in L6 skeletal muscle cells as well as in primary skeletal muscle myoblast cultures”[1]

    This helps create an “anabolic window” of sorts where muscles are able to soak up extra glucose, leading to better glycogen storage and less fat storage.[2,3]

    Best of all, this accomplished independent of insulin[2], and to our knowledge, this is the first in the GDA market.

    Shikonin has also been explored for its ability to inhibit tumor growth via preventing angiogenesis.[4]

    Note that the calcium channel method is the same way high-dose caffeine works for strength gains! So if you’ve ever taken high-dose caffeine only for strength, perhaps this is a better way to do it, especially if you want to eat a pizza with it!

  • Slin10 (350mg)

    InnovaPharm Shikonin

    Meet Shikonin, a powerful plant extract that enhances glucose uptake via increasing calcium content in skeletal muscle (mimicking exercise).

    A carryover from the powder version of Pump Dirt, Slin10 is a trademarked extract of banaba leaf standardized to 10% corosolic acid, meaning each cap of Pump Dirt provides 35mg of corosolic acid, a powerful glucose driving compound.

    Corosolic acid enhances the transportation of glucose by facilitating its movement from the inner cell to the outer cell, mimicking the actions of GLUT4. Research using the compound has noted that not only does corosolic acid improve glucose transportation, but also it also aids insulin sensitivity.[5,6]

  • Gymnema Sylvestre Extract (150mg)

    The third leg of Pump Dirt caps carb-shuttling trifecta is another carryover from the original formula. Gymnema Sylvestre is a common ingredient found in many popular GDAs that enhances insulin function, leading to better regulation of blood glucose.[7]

    A rather extensive systematic review of the literature on the sugar-shuttling plant notes it also reduces leptin levels, serum plasma glucose, bodyweight, and even body mass index (BMI).[8] InnovaPharm includes a gymnema extract standardized for 25% gymnemic acids which is a bit lower than what you’ll find in other glucose disposal supplements, but referencing back to our original pump dirt powder formula, InnovaPharm said the reason for this was intentional. According to the brand:

    “So many products contain a higher Gymnemic Acid dose which actually can completely block the uptake of carbohydrates into the bloodstream. This is great if you are trying to lose weight and looking to prevent negative effects of carbs. However, because the carbs won’t even be absorbed in the intestines, you are actually preventing the positive effects of carbohydrates as well.

    Too much gymnemic acid will hinder pump, muscle fullness and glycogen storage in muscle.”

    — InnovaPharm HQ

On the Formula

”The R&D team at InnovaPharm have been long time fans of the GDA/Insulin Mimicker category. We believe certain, but not all, of the ingredients you find in the GDA’s on the market not only can be beneficial to our workouts and physique, but to overall health and longevity. So it’s a category that has always intrigued us. InnovaPharm, since inception, has believed in two principles… In order to be innovators in this extremely crowded and competitive industry you must either bring something brand new to the table, and/or take something that is already good and somehow make it great. We have done that with every one of our products, including the new Pump Dirt Caps.

Being a big believer in the importance of maintaining healthy blood glucose levels for numerous health reasons, I’ve always been intrigued by the positive impact certain natural herbs can have on how our bodies respond to carbohydrates. Over 5 years ago I stumbled across a very interesting study showing that an ancient Chinese herb called Shikonin, was able to increase glucose uptake in skeletal muscle by increasing calcium concentrations directly in muscle, the same effect/response of a muscle contraction, a much different pathway than we have seen in the past by any herb.

Of course animal studies do not always correlate into human results. But given the results from this study, I had to give it a shot. It took over 6 months to find a legitimate source of Shikonin before we started beta testing. We had our team and our beta testers use the ingredient daily at multiple doses for a month, checking blood glucose levels and providing anecdotal feedback on their workouts and physique changes. We found that it took a very high dose of the Shikonin whole herb to provide the result we were looking for. Fortunately, InnovaPharm has access to some of the best herbal extraction capabilities available, and we have been able to provide an extremely potent extract of this herb, allowing for us to dose it in a single Pump Dirt Capsule.

Stacked with the highest dose of Corosolic Acid of any product on earth, along with the perfect dose of Gymnema Sylvestre (too high of a dose with BLOCK carbohydrate absorption), Shikonin has helped make Pump Dirt the most potent Glucose Utilization Agent on the market. Why “Dispose” of glucose, when you can UTILIZE it properly to achieve your goals.

It’s so potent that only 1 capsule is necessary to cover multiple large carbohydrate containing meals throughout the entire day. No longer do you need to choke down 2 or 3 capsules before every meal.” — InnovaPharm HQ


InnovaPharm Pump Dirt Caps Trio

Meet your 1 capsule solution for superior glucose disposal and utilization.

Take 1 capsule 15 to 30 minutes prior to your pre-training meal containing at least 60-100g carbohydrates. If you don’t consume a pre-training meal, or planning to use this on a non-training day, take 1 capsule 15 to 30 minutes prior to your largest carb-containing meal of the day.

InnovaPharm advises to not consume more than 2 capsules of Pump Dirt in any 24 hour period.

We never recommend taking GDAs such as Pump Dirt without the recommended number of carbohydrates! Never use alongside prescription drugs and use only under a doctor’s care, especially if you have a medical condition.


The original Pump Dirt powder was a huge cult favorite among many GDA enthusiasts in the community, but a great number of people couldn’t get past the products gritty, dirt-like taste and texture despite its effectiveness.

So InnovaPharm heard the cries and responded with an updated — and dare we say even better — version of Pump Dirt that now bypasses the mouthful of dirt and still brings the same carb-shuttling benefits.

You can check if there’s any deals or alerts going through PricePlow:

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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