RedCon1 Launches at Vitamin Shoppe in 2018, Their Biggest to Date

RedCon1 Vitamin Shoppe Launch

Well what took the store so long? RedCon1 has the largest-ever sports nutrition launch at the corporate nutrition retailer

Aaron Singerman and the team at RedCon1 are very proud to announce that they are launching nationwide at Vitamin Shoppe, and it’s the store’s biggest ever sports nutrition launch!

The RedCon1 industry takeover continues, and despite the brand’s special forces theme, there’s absolutely nothing stealth about this one! Aaron Singerman’s surging brand is launching 28 different SKUs at all Vitamin Shoppe stores, which is sure to make a splash and knock a few competitors off the shelves.

Before going further, take a look at our RedCon1 listings:

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Disclosure: PricePlow maintains an affiliate relationship with both companies listed on this article.

What products will launch?

The RedCon1 leadership team mentioned these products for the initial launch, and it looks like some of the retailers get to choose which flavors they want:

RedCon1 Vitamin Shoppe

RedCon1’s marketing team leaders with Vice President Mark Hilton and category manager Brent Dennison

28 SKUs is massive

We need to emphasize what a monstrous launch this is. 28 SKUs means a ton of product, so this clearly wasn’t something The Vitamin Shoppe, beholden to their investors and board of directors, would take lightly.

Vitamin Shoppe investors can rest assured, though, that RedCon1 moves product unlike anyone we’ve seen in a very long time. We expect it all to come with a large marketing budget, and we expect serious sales. (Disclaimer: Nobody at PricePlow is a shareholder of Vitamin Shoppe)

The real question, however, is:

What took Vitamin Shoppe so long?!

Having seen the meteoric rise of RedCon1, and knowing that Vitamin Shoppe could feel the heat, we had to ask, what took them so long?

Aaron Singerman told us bluntly:

The old category manager decided when the brand was new that it “didn’t fit Vitamin Shoppe”. I spent over a year convincing her she was wrong. At the end she admitted the brand had potential and she had me submit all the labels for regulatory approval. Then she quit all of sudden, and I was back to square 1… And just as suddenly Vitamin Shoppe hired Brent, the same category manager who brought us on at GNC, and his first move was to bring us in all over again!

— Aaron Singerman, RedCon1 Founder

This goes to show the challenges major corporations face in such a fast-paced industry. You literally cannot sleep for one week around here, especially if your onboarding process is long and the products are already everywhere else!

Clearly Brent Dennison saw some monstrous sales numbers at GNC, and knew his first order of business was to keep Vitamin Shoppe with the times and bring in a brand with aggressive — but 100% compliant — products that move.

That’s exactly what you get with RedCon1, and now you have another place to pick up those new flavors of Total War!

Click Here to check out RedCon1 at The Vitamin Shoppe

Disclosure: PricePlow maintains an affiliate relationship with both companies listed on this article.

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