Kaged Supplements Now at Wegmans Grocery Stores!

Kaged Wegmans

A selection of Kaged supplements are now available at Wegmans, a grocery chain in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

For Kaged, 2023 seems like a year of reinvention, and they’re focused on their mission like no other. After streamlining their branding and releasing the much-awaited Kaged Mindset nootropic formula, the premium brand is setting their sights on taking more territory in the supplement world – taking on more space in specialty retailers and grocery.

Kaged lands at Wegmans!

Kaged’s latest announcement includes a brand new distribution relationship with Wegmans, the famous supermarket chain that peppers the landscape of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States.

Aaron Heidebreicht of Kaged had this to say about the partnership:

“We are thrilled to partner with Wegmans and bring the KAGED brand to their stores. At KAGED, we believe that the consumer journey should be more than just a transaction – it should be an experience. Wegmans shares this philosophy and has built a reputation for providing their customers with an exceptional in-store experience that is centered around quality, variety, and customer service. We are proud of this partnership and we look forward to introducing our premium products to Wegmans customers and helping them reach their fitness and wellness goals.”

— Aaron Heidebreicht, Chief Commercial and Revenue Officer, KAGED

So far, the Kaged products that will be for sale at Wegmans locations are:

Pre-Kaged is now available at Wegmans!

See the Wegmans Kaged products page

What’s special about Wegmans?

Team Kaged Nootropic Podcast Launch

Brian Rand and Team Kaged join the PricePlow Discord and leaked info on the upcoming Kaged Protein Bar on the PricePlow Podcast Episode #081 – this is one we assume Wegmans will want in on!

Founded in 1916 in Rochester, New York, Wegmans is family-owned and operated with the tagline “Food You Feel Good About“. They have an incredible employee-focused culture, large selection of prepared foods, exceptional customer service, and heavy focus on sustainability and reduced negative environmental impact. It’s consistently ranked as one of the best places to work for in the US.

Overall, Wegmans is a grocery store chain that is dedicated to providing high-quality products, excellent customer service, and a positive shopping experience for its customers. And the fact that it has some great prepared foods and happy employees is perfect for the Kaged consumer who wants to come in — or making new customers that Kaged can ideologically connect with.

Kaged is rapidly setting itself apart as the “adult in the room” in the industry, and we are enjoying seeing these fruitful distribution partnerships pop up. It’s only a matter of time before we’re all Kaged.

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