iSatori Head Rep Sean Anderson – The REAL Game Changer

iSatori has been cooking up some awesome stuff lately, so it’s time to see some of the men behind the scenes.

An Intro to iSatori Head Rep, Sean Anderson

Sean Anderson at iSatori

Sean Anderson: iSatori Head Rep

We are honored to interview iSatori’s Head Rep, Sean Anderson, who is a father of two, full-time manager, competitive bodybuilder, and husband.

Sean was always on the heavy side – in high school, he played offensive line, but improper nutritional advice set his health back. In January of 2007, he began his epic transformation: Going from 215lbs and 36” waist (at 5’7″ height) to 155lbs by July of the same year… but had the dreaded “skinny fat” bodytype.

Slowly, Sean found his true path to fitness success — lifting weights and training in Kodenkan Ju-Jitsu — and is now competing at a very high level.

Sean’s Stats

Height: 5’7″ Weight: 190lbs Age: 27

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Sean on Diet, Training, and Supplementation

You were given improper nutrition advice as a high school offensive lineman…

What would you say to that 16 year old football player who really wants to kill it on the O-Line this season?

Sean Anderson Squatting and Working out the LEGS

Message from Sean to High School Football Players: TRAIN YOUR LEGS!!!!

I would tell the 16year old athlete, to practice drills, plays, getting off the line quickly, quick feet, nutrition, and to focus on the muscle groups other than the beach muscles as many young high school athletes (like myself) did.

Unfortunately, neglecting legs may hurt his game (with the ladies too) and stopping power. Lastly, don’t make the same mistakes I did and eat everything in sight with little to no regard to your health. Longevity is important. 90% of the guys who are athletes play sports as a hobby, not to become a pro.

During your transformation, you went from “fat” to “skinny fat”.

What is your message to the people out there who are in that same position?  What is your formula to successfully bulking up without adding too much fat?

Patience. Nothing happens overnight. It didn’t take one day to put on the fat, and it won’t take one day to take it off.

“Bulking” is an ugly, ugly term that should never be used or said again. I believe in “lean gains” aka gaining while staying lean.

We all respond to macros differently. Some respond better to high fats, mod carb, mod pro. Some respond better to high carbs, low fat, mod pro. If you can afford a coach to help figure out what you respond to, design your macros, meals, etc then do it. It takes all the guess work out of it and allows you to not only learn more about how your body responds to certain macros/micros, but also lets you see how you can handle certain food groups. Most of all, if you do hire a coach, find one that isn’t doing a cookie cutter plan, isn’t a cardio bunny, practices balance, is open to variety of food groups, and allows you to have a free meal once a week to help with your sanity, (along with the spiking of your T3 and lepton hormone.)

I’ve been with Jason Theobald ( Jason has been great with helping me reach my physique goals, is very responsive to any questions I have during the week, and is extremely knowledgeable on macros, micros, and everything in between.

Top 3 iSatori products you can’t live without?

  1. Make the Impossible Possible

    Sean and his MORPH make the Impossible Possible


    The pump and vascularity I get is insane! We all chase after that and this delivers it to me, without fail. (I posted a recent pic of it on my athlete page you may insert)

  2. Restoraid:

    With an 8:1:1 BCAA rating, ability to rehydrate my muscle bellies quicker (thus minimizing DOMS and allowing for a greater protein synthesis by keeping the muscle bellies hydrated) you simply cannot go wrong!

  3. Bio-Gro:

    Bio Gro is a true “game-changer” from iSatori. Bio-Gro is the first and most technically advanced, low molecular weight, micro-concentrated form of Bio-Active Peptides (BAP’s) found only in Bio-Gro. Designed to provide a supra-physiological effect that, once consumed, signals the body to amplify its natural protein synthesis process, helping you develop lean muscle.

    I did a quick 3 week cut for some fun, family photos and started using Bio-Gro during the cut. Like any new supplement, I of course, was skeptical of its proclaimed results said to have, (Despite having 32 studies!) However, I was quickly proven wrong. During the cut, the scale hardly went down :O But… the mirror on the other hand…. well, that showed I was getting leaner, much quicker then I have before.

    On we ran a beta-testers log that consisted of 25 loggers. The loggers were required to report stats, weights used, recovery time, etc. During the course, NOT ONE negative feedback comment was given. In fact, they were all 1000% positive. But don’t let me tell you about it, take a look for yourself here:

So you’re the guy in the “I am Morph” ads.  What’s the deal with this stuff and how/when are you using it?

I take 6 tabs of MORPH daily! MORPH is a stimulant free, time released pre-workout… It releases in 3 phases.

Stage 1: Taken ½ hour as pre-workout for delivery for strength.

Phase 2: Is released 1 hour into your workout for the nitric oxide stimulations and vasodilatation.

Phase 3: is released the 2nd hour post workout for rapid recovery and muscle cell regeneration. MOPRH has never failed me or anyone else I know… in fact, it’s always in high demand from iSatori!

Tell me about the leg day you recently dry heaved?  How do you separate a killer good workout from a dangerous one? Some people are afraid to push themselves that hard…

Growing up, all I ever focused on was arms, and chest (similar to every other young, testosterone filled male) and trained legs every now and then, without breaking so much of a sweat.

Last year I began working with Austin Stout ( who works with “The Strength Guys” to help bring up my legs in order to stand a solid chance in the MW class next time I step on stage. Not only has Austin taught me more about MMC (mind muscle connection) where you feel the weight opposed to just moving the weight.

Since I’ve been working with Austin, my legs have responded well, using lighter weights, tempos, supersets, and trisets. My workouts are never the same and are constantly allowing for the ‘muscle confusion’ we all chase after.

Here is an example leg day I recent did:

Sean Training Back

One of Sean’s leg routines is to the left. But he’s not ALL legs…

  • Front squats 2:1:1 – 8 reps

    Superset with:

    Squats: 2:1:1 – 10 reps *5 rounds w/ 2min rest.

  • Leg ext: 2 sets of 25.
  • Sumo deads – 12 reps

    Superset with:

    Lying legs curls 5:5:1 – 5 reps *4 rounds w/ 90 sec rest.

What’s your current workout split (by day), and how are you getting cardio in with all of your work and family obligations??

Monday: legs Tuesday: Chest, Delts, Tris. Wednesday: Back Thursday: Arms Friday: legs (more hammy than quad focused) Sat/Sun: Off

Currently, I’m only doing 3 sessions of 20mins LISS (low intensity steady state cardio) a week which I will do post workout. However, if I need to ramp up my cardio, I will do 30 mins 4-5 a week, fasted in the AM and then the weights in the evening hours.

On Working with iSatori…

How did you get hooked up with iSatori?  That’s an incredible sponsorship to have!

Thank you! iSatori is much more than just a great company to be with. I have developed personal relationships with a few of the employees there. iSatori has always taken fantastic care of me, and I couldn’t ask for anything more from them. Actually, I can safely say it’s an extended family there. The Athlete Manger/Artie Barcelo does a great job with answering any questions I may have, and meeting any needs that may come up.

I came in contact with iSatori when they held a “Warrior Transformation” contest. During the early days of 2012, I was still a believer in “bulking” and was getting a tad heavier than I liked. When I saw the contest, I jumped at the opportunity knowing it there was going to be some great competitors with me all after a sponsorship, and some great muscle building iSatori supps!

While I didn’t win the contest, I was offered a sponsorship based off of my background story they reviewed. I volunteered to work any and all events they needed help with including the 12 hour plus days, and the set up and break down of the table, and supplements. I truly love working the events as it allows me to help educate those who are new to supplements, interact with other competitors, meeting new, friendly faces, and having fun at the same time.

So you’re the head rep.  What does that job entail?

Sean Helps Drive iSatori Business

Sean Helps Drive iSatori Business in the Forums

Currently, we have five board representatives that I communicate with on a daily basis. We are responsible for creating promotional threads, increasing sales, educating on our iSatori supplement line, and staying in communication with any loggers that may be logging any of our products. We are very active board representatives and have a great working relationship with and hundreds of loggers that have become loyal iSatori customers!

What does it take to become an iSatori Rep?  Why would someone want to be a rep, what are their obligations, and what do they get if they fulfill their obligations?

When we have a position open I look at their post activity/history, ability to commit, any logs they have run in the past for us or competitors, knowledge of supplements, willingness to help others, their physical goals, how active they are with any sports they participate in, and why they feel what makes them stand out to the many others who want to be in their spot.

We have only had 1 turnover since I’ve been on board as lead rep, and have a very close working relationship with one another. I am big believer in team work, and would never allow one of them to be “fed to the wolves”. We bounce ideas of one another; pick each other’s brains on lifting, supplements, foods, etc.

I have the BEST representatives I could ever ask for. They all make my job 10x easier and everything flows very smoothly. I could not do my job without their help. In return, they are given supplements in compensation for their hard work, try out full sized containers before they are released on and are given “extras” as a good job perk… as each one of them truly earn it!

How can our readers find out when jobs like that are posted?

When an open board representative position is open, I create an ad on with an application with our company history, who we are, and what we want followed by a few entry questions.

The Personal Stuff

Tell us about your tattoos – especially the one on your chest

Makaila, Sean's Daughter's Name

Makaila, Sean’s Daughter’s Name

I have three tattoos. One tribal on each arm, and my daughter’s name on my left chest (closest space to the heart) The one on my chest says “Makaila” along with her date of birth.

Now that I have a son, his name will be added somewhere around that area. I would do anything for my children without hesitation. My daughter (6) looks up to me, and brags to her teachers and friends that I am stronger and bigger than their dad (lol)

A huge part of me trains, and diets year around to show her how important it is to have goals, and commitments in life and once they are met, you create more.

What’s your contest schedule?  Ever get out there and play football or do other sports?

My next appearance on stage will be 2014 as I need my legs to catch up to my upper body some more in order to secure a solid placing in MW (I competed in Welter wt. in 2011) However, I train and eat year around like I am competing that year which keeps my motivation high knowing I will not let the guy who may stand next to me, outwork me.

You are extremely well prepared with your meals. Does your wife do her own thing, or does she eat the same kind of stuff too?

Sean's Second Born!

Sean’s Second Born!

I could not do this without the help of my caring, and loving wife, Carmen. Carmen shops, cuts, weighs, seasons, cooks, and sorts all of my meats on a weekly basis. She gets all the food prep done for the week for me in around an hour’s time. She’s a FANTASTIC cook, and supports this lifestyle. She knows how important training and meals are to me, and she sees that I am prepared at all times. She truly is the one who should be getting the credit for where I am today.

Carmen isn’t one to follow a regimented meal plan, but eats cleanly (lean meats, mix of slow and fast releasing carbs, veggies, vitamins, etc.) throughout the week with the exception of one free meal on a weekend that we both enjoy while watching a movie together.

Anyone you’d like to give a shout-out to?  Any other athletes/competitors we should talk to?

Yes! Everyone at iSatori that took a chance on me, especially the CEO/founder Stephen Adele. Stephen has never put himself at higher level, despite his position in the company. He is a very approachable and easy going.

Artie Barcelo/Athlete Manager. I report to Artie on a daily basis. Artie allows me to run my crew the way I see it should be done and refers to me as his “right hand guy” Artie has ALWAYS supported ideas, and decision making. I haven’t proved Artie wrong, and hope to always be his “right hand guy.” Outside of business, Artie has always offered his full support as well. He truly is a one of a kind guy and am happy to be his friend and employee.

Harry Schneider, Nic Troupe, Nick Gallagher, Tiffany Garrett, and Kyle Obright. These five are our board representatives and truly do an outstanding job, and are a true testimonial to what hard work, dedication, and passion is. I said it earlier, and I’ll say it again. They make my job 10x easier and are a true pleasure to know both on a personal basis, and working relationship.

My wife, Carmen. She deserves all of the credit for where I am. She has stood behind me 100% of the way and hasn’t shown differently yet.

Greg Hymes, Jason Theobald, Austin Stout and many other close friends. These guys are all top notch athletes, and what I consider true friends. From thick to thin, they are always there in full support.

Best Workout music?!

Five Finger Death Punch: “Lift Me UP”
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System of a Down: “Prison Song”

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Dope: “Die MF Die”

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Disturbed :“Droppin Plates”

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Roy Jones: “Go hard, or Go home”

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2pac : “Can’t See Me”

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Thank you Sean, and good luck to you and your awesome team!

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