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Jim Stoppani SUED by, Case Now Settled!

Jim Stoppani Lawsuit

MAJOR UPDATE: This lawsuit was settled at the end of May 2017, and Jim Stoppani is coming back to to produce content — although it seems like JYM products will remain available at Amazon and GNC. We’ll update with […]

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Posted on by in , | 8 Comments Lays off 90 Employees. See Both Sides Here Lays off 90 Employees in 2016

A most dramatic year for is coming to a nasty end, as the Idaho-based Internet retailer just laid off 90 workers via email in a “pre-Christmas downsizing”, per the Idaho Statesman[1] and KTB7.[2] issued the following statement:

“Today […]

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Posted on by in , | 6 Comments vs. Jim Stoppani: An IP Lawyer’s Analysis vs. Jim Stoppani IP Lawyer Analysis

A couple weeks ago we wrote an article titled What’s JYM Really Worth? The Numbers You Won’t Believe where we revealed the three-year revenue numbers for JYM prior to the break-up and ensuing vs. Jim Stoppani lawsuit (Update: The […]

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Jim Stoppani Sued AGAIN. New Class Action Lawsuit

Jim Stoppan Pre-JYM Lawsuit

Update: This case was dismissed, but has already been re-filed. The PDF below shows the new complaint filed on November 26, 2016.

It’s impossible to cleverly sugarcoat this one, so we’ll just cut to the chase: Jim Stoppani has been […]

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What’s JYM Really Worth? The Numbers You Won’t Believe

Jim Stoppani Lawsuit

We’ve been extremely quiet about the vs. Jim Stoppani lawsuit, which was later amended to include’s naming of GNC for $100+ million in damages!

Although Mike’s early video about the situation (prior to GNC being added) […]

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Who Owns JYM? This Email Evidence May Make the Case

Who Owns JYM?

2016 has been one of the most wild years the supplement industry’s seen in recent history, driven by the Jim Stoppani Scandal and later the vs. Jim Stoppani lawsuit (which then led to the vs. GNC lawsuit in […]

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Meet the Man Who REALLY Formulated Pre-JYM

Pre-JYM Formulator

In any industry, there are largely two kinds of people: those who interface with the consumers and media, and those who quietly get things done behind the scenes, wanting no fame and no glory.

But sometimes, when dirty laundry gets […]

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Posted on by in , | 17 Comments is SUING GNC for a Minimum of 100 MILLION Dollars! vs. GNC LAWSUIT

Grab a seat folks, because this is happening.

Today while checking PACER, we saw that there was a Motion to Correct/Amend the Jim Stoppani Lawsuit. Had the two sides reached a settlement???

Not. Even. Close.

Instead, has[…]

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Jim Stoppani Scandal: Censoring Inconvenient Truths?

Jim Stoppani Scandal

Here at PricePlow, you know we love a good sales pitch. The supplement industry is a never-ending stream of new products, ingredient research, dramatic marketing tactics, and sex-driven advertising.

We’ve always been quite accepting of aggressive marketing — after all, […]

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