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Glaxon Specimen Max: High-Stim Pre-Workout Made with PEZ Power

Glaxon Specimen Max

Glaxon is one of the supplement industry’s hottest brands. While there are several reasons for this, one stands out above the rest: Glaxon’s science team is top notch. Its innovative, rigorous approach to supplement formulation constantly sets new industry trends and standards.

Earlier in the summer we covered Glaxon’s now-famous collaboration with the PEZ […]
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Glaxon x PEZ Collab: Six Products with Candy in Every Tub!

Glaxon x PEZ

Earlier this month, Glaxon teased a brand new collaboration with the iconic dispensing candy: PEZ.[1-4] Well, the day has finally arrived.

Back when you were a kid and your metabolism worked like a nuclear submarine, you could slam down hundreds of those chalky little treats in one go, with little concern over counting calories and […]
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