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Paleo Diet

C8Vantage: C8 MCT Powder for Maximum Energy, Clarity, and Performance

NNB C8Vantage

Over the years, several diets have entered the mainstream geared towards people looking to improve their health, body composition, and performance. Many people have either tried, are currently doing, or have at least heard of such diets like ketogenic, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or low-carb. Adopting one of these diets can lead to major health […]
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Bhu Fit Bars – Another Protein Bar…

Bhu Fit Primal Vanilla

Food bars have come along way over the past 20+ years. In the early days, the only real options were typical carb heavy, breakfast type bars such as granola bars or Nutri-Grain bars. Then a few years later, the first handful of protein bars hit the market, but those were either dry and crumbly or […]
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