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Marine Collagen

Alpha Prime Supps Collagen Trio: Three Unique Collagen Supplements

AP Regimen Collagen

The mission of premium supplement manufacturer Alpha Prime Supps is to “always offer the best for every single person.” This relentless drive to dominate every category is what’s behind AP’s gradual expansion from athletic wear into all kinds of other markets, including sports supplements.

Alpha Prime stands behind their Regimen of supplements with an […]
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Myprotein Marine Collagen: Boost Your Protein Intake

Myprotein Marine Collagen Graphic

Whey protein is one of the most popular protein powders around the world. Although whey is considered a high quality source of protein with an impressive amino acid profile, which makes it great for building muscle, it doesn’t do much to support joints, bones, and connective tissue. In case you’re unaware, muscles aren’t the […]
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