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Ryan DeLuca: Exit, Enter Black Box VR | Episode #099

Ryan Deluca of and Black Box VR on the PricePlow Podcast

On Memorial Day of 2023, we had a fantastic podcast with Ryan DeLuca, the original founder and 17-year CEO of… and current founder and CEO of Black Box VR, a virtual reality physical fitness company that’s bringing an immersive, gamified workout experience to franchise gym locations.

Ryan DeLuca: Tech and[…]
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Jim Stoppani SUED by, Case Now Settled!

Jim Stoppani Lawsuit

MAJOR UPDATE: This lawsuit was settled at the end of May 2017, and Jim Stoppani is coming back to to produce content — although it seems like JYM products will remain available at Amazon and GNC. We’ll update with more details when available.

If you thought the ongoing Jim Stoppani Scandal couldn’t get […]
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Ryan Deluca Resigns from

Ryan Deluca

After a whopping 17 years of running, Ryan DeLuca has resigned as CEO of, as reported by the Idaho Statesman[1] and Ryan’s own Facebook post.[2]

Ryan says it better than any article ever could:

I was barely out of high school when I started a business in my garage. I had never met […]
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Five Ways to Fix the Supplement Awards Supplement Awards

Before we begin, I’d like you to click here.

The above link goes to a popular thread on our Facebook feed. No doubt we egged the conversation on with the picture, but clearly, a nerve was struck with our small but well-educated Facebook followers.[1]

Right off the bat, I need to throw down a couple […]
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