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Krik Angacian

Krik Angacian: CandyCan Makes Gummies Functional | PPP #054

Krik Angacian CandyCan Podcast

On October 18th, 2021, we interviewed Krik Angacian, co-founder and CEO of CandyCan, about his new “functional candy” gummy snacks. Before founding CandyCan, Krik also co-founded Protes, a company that was well-known for its delicious protein chips.

We talked to Krik about how he transitioned from investment banking to the food industry, […]
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Meet CandyCan: Smart Supplement Snacking – Eat the Entire Bag!


Update: It seems that CandyCan is now discontinued. We’ve kept the content up on PricePlow for historical reasons.

Are you ready to start smart snacking? Because today we’d like to introduce you to CandyCan, a healthy candy alternative with a purpose.

Meet CandyCan and Get Ready to Eat CandyCan

CandyCan are healthy gummy […]
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