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Glaxon PROTOS Whey: HUMAN-Inspired Protein Powder

Glaxon Protos Whey PricePlow

Regular readers on PricePlow know that the name Glaxon has become our watchword for innovation. Glaxon’s rigorous and creative approach to nutritional science has them developing new and exciting supplements at a breakneck clip.

This time, they’ve really outdone themselves, as they’ve succeeded in reinventing the protein powder supplement, a classic and mainstay of […]
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Outbreak Nutrition BUILD: Muscle-Builder of the Apocalypse

Outbreak Nutrition Build Review

Outbreak Nutrition – the alternative-reality themed brand of the 2044 nuclear winter – doesn’t do things by the book. When it comes to muscle building supplements, they’ve skipped the whole “creatine + betaine + carnitine” stack for muscle growth and recovery (for the time being, at least), going right to the advanced next-generation muscle builders.[…]
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Study: VPX Bang Master Blaster Acutely Boosts HGH and IGF-1 Levels

VPX Bang Master Blaster

VPX Sports is known around the industry as one of the leaders in high energy products, headlined by none other than Bang, their incredibly popular energy drink sold far and wide.

If you’re a subscriber to our YouTube channel, you’ll know that we’re all huge fans of all things VPX, especially the Bang franchise![…]
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Hi-Tech Pro IGF-1: The First Orally Bioavailable IGF-1 Supplement?!

Hi-Tech Pro IGF-1

Could it finally be real this time — an IGF-1 supplement that doesn’t die in your digestive system?!

Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) is commonly known to help build muscle. It also promotes healing, combats inflammation, and bolsters the immune system. The problem is that peptides such as IGF-1 have horrendously low bioavailability in the digestive […]
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Bio-Gro Review – This Time, With BLOOD TESTS!

Bio-Gro Review


For well over three years, iSatori’s Bio-Gro (bioactive peptides extracted from colostrum) have been the center of all kinds of internet controversy.

Do they work? Is it bioavailable? Is it better than raw colostrum? Why not just take more whey protein? Is it banned? Will I lose my natty card?

When marketed as an […]
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