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Fava Bean Protein

MuscleTech Plant Protein: A Unique SIX-Protein Blend for Smoothness

MuscleTech Plant Protein Featured

Whey protein is the king of protein sources, and MuscleTech makes a strong argument that Nitro-Tech is the king of muscle-building whey proteins. Whey protein is, however, derived from cow’s milk. For the vegans and lactose intolerant among us, this is a no-go. These athletes need another source of protein supplementation, and that means looking […]
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Black Magic Supply 100% Vegan Protein Now in Peanut Butter

Black Magic Supply 100% Vegan Protein

Earlier this year, we scooped the industry with news that Black Magic Supply was tooling up for 2022, giving a recap of where the edgy brand was and where it was going. Taking a break from the heroic BZRK Voodoo limited-edition pre-workout and underrated Ecto Plasm stim-free pre-workout, it’s time to get those protein […]
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Glaxon Anomaly: Muscle Builder That Tells Your Genetics to STFU

Glaxon Anomaly The Glaxon muscle-building stack just got better

During their first to years, Glaxon, a rising supplement industry star known for cutting-edge nutraceutical concepts and guerrilla marketing aesthetics, launched two supplements to improve muscle growth and repair:

Flight Regenerate – An extraordinarily unique bioactive peptide supplement created to promote stem cell mobilization, support rapid recovery and […]
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RAW Nutrition Vegan Protein: Naturally Sweetened and Vitamin Fortified

RAW Nutrition Vegan Protein Powder Peanut Butter

Over the past few years, there’s been a massive increase in the popularity of plant-based diets. We’ve even seen numerous high level athletes make their transition to plant-based diets and the ease with which they’ve maintained or even improved their performance.People are drawn to them for different reasons. Whether you’re a strictly vegan or you […]
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