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Fungies Cordyceps Gummies: The Delicious Way Boost Endurance

Fungies Cordyceps Gummies

Whether we’re talking about culinary applications, adaptogens, or “consciousness expansion”, we’ve all seen how mushrooms have generated a lot of hype in recent years.

While adaptogenic mushroom blends have downright exploded, Fungies has been quietly setting the trend from another angle: single-ingredient mushroom supplements. We recently covered their nerve-growing and brain-boosting lion’s mane supplement, […]
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Cordyceps Crackdown: Hit-or-Miss in Supplements.. Until Now!


This article was originally published August 28, 2016. It has been updated to reflect new research published in 2018.

Can a mushroom extract really improve mood, general health, and even athletic performance? Those who have been selling cordyceps, a complex mushroom used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, have claimed these benefits (and more) for […]
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Genius Mushrooms: Three Species for Full-Spectrum Benefits

Genius Mushrooms Relax

Run by mastermind Rob Oliver, The Genius Brand has formulated several powerful supplements to nourish your body and mind. While we love sports nutrition formulas like what’s in the stim-free Genius Pre Workout and next-level Genius Muscle Builder, we may like their “mind over matter” supplements like Genius Joy and Genius Consciousness even more![…]
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