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Muscle Glycogen Reload: Sugar, Dextrose, and Animal Creatine Chews

Animal Creatine Chews Glycogen Reload

It’s summer of 2023, and everyone’s been talking about creatine again. This time it’s getting more attention from women, which is something we’ve wanted to see for decades.

Always ahead of the curve, the Animal team over at Universal Nutrition has long had many creatine-based supplements, but they reformulated their lineup in 2022, […]
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Glaxon x PEZ Collab: Six Products with Candy in Every Tub!

Glaxon x PEZ

Earlier this month, Glaxon teased a brand new collaboration with the iconic dispensing candy: PEZ.[1-4] Well, the day has finally arrived.

Back when you were a kid and your metabolism worked like a nuclear submarine, you could slam down hundreds of those chalky little treats in one go, with little concern over counting calories and […]
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Meet CandyCan: Smart Supplement Snacking – Eat the Entire Bag!


Are you ready to start smart snacking? Because today we’d like to introduce you to CandyCan, a healthy candy alternative with a purpose.

Meet CandyCan and Get Ready to Eat CandyCan

CandyCan are healthy gummy bears that have added supplement ingredients, but unlike other supplemental gummies, they come in entire bags! This means […]
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NutraOne Protein Creations Feature Fanciful Flavors

NutraOne Protein Creations Chocolate Hazelnut

If there is one thing we certainly love over here at PricePlow, it’s seeing new and delicious flavors for protein powder. Nothing is worse than cracking open the same bland tub of whey day after day until you can’t even stand the flavor. Today, we cover one that’s completely different.

The solution is here for […]
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They’re Real! Cellucor C4 Energy Shot Rocks Stun the Taste Buds!

They’re real!! …and they’re Spectacular!

On April 1, 2019, Cellucor took first strike on April Fools Day 2019 with the following video shared on our forum after the images surfaced first:

“Rock Your Workout | C4 Shot Rocks”

There’s only one important thing:

This wasn’t an April Fools Joke!

That’s right, Cellucor C4 Shot Rocks […]
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