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MusclePharm is Back to Quarterly GROWTH – Where Do They Go From Here?

MusclePharm 2018 Q1 Report

MusclePharm has taken some hits over the years, but the company seems to have hit “rock bottom” and is now possibly on an upward trajectory! The company’s Q1 reports from 2018 seem to suggest the sports nutrition giant may slowly […]

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Arnold Sports Festival 2018: PricePlow Came CAMERAS A BLAZIN’!

Arnold Sports Festival 2018

Look out! The team just had a blast at the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival, and we’re coming cameras blazin’!

If you liked the Saturday video log from the 2018 LA Fit Expo, then get ready for even more […]

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Brad Pyatt Named in MusclePharm Amino Acid Spiking Lawsuit (SETTLED)

Brad Pyatt Lawsuit

Update on December 14, 2016: This case has been terminated, as both parties have filed a stipulation of dismissal. This means the case was likely settled out of court.

MusclePharm’s troubles are so deep, we can’t even keep up […]

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MusclePharm Deal Finally TERMINATED by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Is Arnold protecting his legacy with this product line?

After years of his good name being dragged through the mud, Arnold Schwarzenegger has finally terminated his relationship with MusclePharm.

Arnold released a statement through his social media manager, Daniel Ketchall at Oak Productions:

Today we announced the conclusion […]

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Best Sleep Aid Guide: Supplements, Ingredients, & Herbs

Best Sleep Aid

Insomnia is a wretched beast, affecting anywhere from ¼[1] to nearly ⅓[2] of the US Population.

Everyone has their tips on for behaviorally combating insomnia. We don’t — you can read that anywhere else.

In this guide, we’re going to […]

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MusclePharm Lab Tests at MPSSI (Sports Science Institute)

MusclePharm Sports Science Institute

The industry has been clamoring for more transparency and 3rd party testing for a few years now. Last year, this all came to a head with several massive lawsuits surrounding amino-spiking in protein powders. In case you don’t remember, here’s […]

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MusclePharm LAWSUIT – Arnold Schwarzenegger Iron Mass Spiked?

MusclePharm Arnold Schwarzenegger Iron Mass Lawsuit


On Wednesday, January 28th, 2015, a class action complaint was filed against MusclePharm for alleged deceptive label claims in the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Mass weight gainer product.

Update – Feb 4, 2015 – We now have Exhibit […]

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Iron Whey Protein Tests Reviewed: More Questions than Answers

Is Arnold protecting his legacy with this product line?

This week, MusclePharm released a lab analysis of their Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Whey protein powder, in response to consumers who were concerned about potential amino acid spiking[1] and allegations from at least one law firm.[2]

They released it […]

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Arnold’s Iron Test is out… but with a Questionable Label

Arnold Iron Test is out - but are the ingredients properly formulated?

GNC quietly released the latest in the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series (owned by MusclePharm), Iron Test.

The label is the same as it was when it leaked back in May, which is unfortunate because it is the epitome of a […]

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