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National Creatine Day (July 9th)! Save 30% on Animal Creatine Chews at The Vitamin Shoppe

Animal x Vitamin Shoppe: Creatine Day!

Nearly as important to this nation’s culture as July 4th, Creatine Day falls on July 9th. As the reigning champion of safe and effective performance boosters, creatine monohydrate has made quite a name for itself as one of the mainstay supplement ingredients. Everyone and their mother takes creatine these days… and for great reason.[…]
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Animal’s 2024 Summer Merch Drop Brings New Iconic T-Shirts and Apparel

Animal 2024 Summer Collection

The Animal brand has been around for quite some time, owing it all from the start with the classic Animal Pak multivitamin pack. The legacy goes even further, having started from supplements made by Universal Nutrition over 40 years ago!

Animal has maintained an impressive position, with some of the most epic branding on the […]
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Creatine Gummies vs. Creatine Chews: Animal Takes a Stance

Creatine Gummies vs Creatine Chews

As the supplement industry continues to innovate, there are numerous products designed to enhance muscle growth, strength, and energy. Among these, creatine has remained a staple for decades now. Traditionally consumed through powders and capsules, creatine is now also available in chewable tablets and gummies.

However, there’s a significant discrepancy between these two forms […]
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Universal Animal Omega: The Essential Fatty Acid Powerhouse Pak (2024 Update)

Animal Omega 2024 New Formula

Animal Omega has been updated, now with fewer softgels, just like the recent updates to Animal Cuts and Animal Pak!

When it comes to our diets, we are far too often concerned about calories and total fat, while ignoring the importance of the quality of fat we eat. Today, we focus on Animal Omega[…]
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Animal Brings the CAGE Back: Jason Budsock & Rudy Checo | Episode #128

Animal Cage at the 2024 Arnold on the PricePlow Podcast

Every year, the who’s who in the supplement industry make the pilgrimage to the famous Arnold Expo. It’s a hectic, buzzing environment that showcases all the industry has to offer for the year, and brands use it as an opportunity to commingle with industry leaders, athletes, and consumers.

The Cage is Back, Baby!

One element […]
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Animal Pill Packs – The Full Arsenal of “Paks” Explained

Animal Pill Packs

Animal has been around for a long time. For over 40 years, Animal has been a mainstay in the supplement industry. They have played a critical role in the development of pill packs – comprehensive packs of pills meant to give your body the tools it needs to operate at peak performance and vitality.

It […]
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Animal CLEAR Whey Isolate Launched in Three Flavors

Animal Clear Whey Isolate

Exactly one year ago, we had Animal‘s Jason Budsock on PricePlow Podcast Episode #080 to catch up, reminisce about The Cage at the Arnold, and tease us some new products coming from the legendary brand.

Those items are all covered below, but we’re proud to announce the one product mentioned in that podcast that […]
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Animal X Gymreapers: Limited Edition Apparel Collab!

Animal Gymreapers Collab

Animal is a pioneer. With their release of their now hyper-famous Animal Pak – which continues to be iterated upon – Animal paved a way for serious athletes to supplement safely and effectively. The brand isn’t one to waste time on frills, but rather hones in on what truly works.

We inspired the team […]
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Caffeine + Taurine: Another Reason to Love Animal Chews

Animal Chews Synergy: Caffeine + Taurine!

Animal is a brand that needs no introduction — it’s one of the most respected names in sports nutrition. The company is known for the legendary Animal Pak, which was the first product of its kind – less a supplement than a comprehensive supplementation system, with its multitude of ingredients organized into packs […]
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Animal is Bringing THE CAGE Back for the 2024 Arnold Expo!

The Animal CAGE is Returning to the Arnold Expo in 2024!

The Arnold Sports Festival 2023 Expo was the event of the spring. We saw some incredible displays and product launches. As we all know, the events surrounding the expo are always an uproariously good time featuring a who’s who of the supplement industry’s power players.

That being said, there was one glaring hole in the […]
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