Animal’s 2024 Summer Merch Drop Brings New Iconic T-Shirts and Apparel

Animal 2024 Summer Collection

Gear up for summer with Animal’s hottest merch drop yet! All-new, iconic designs on t-shirts and more.

The Animal brand has been around for quite some time, owing it all from the start with the classic Animal Pak multivitamin pack. The legacy goes even further, having started from supplements made by Universal Nutrition over 40 years ago!

Animal has maintained an impressive position, with some of the most epic branding on the market. They also have great formulas — recently, we’ve been huge fans of their Animal Primal pre-workout and Animal Creatine Chews, which have been blowing up over the past year.

More than anything else, Animal stands out for its pill packs. A few month’s back, we ran through the various pill pack options in our article titled Animal Pill Packs – The Full Arsenal of ‘Paks’ Explained. What’s particularly nice is that they continually revisit their formulas to make them better and more convenient than ever before. But that’s not the only thing they update:

Animal’s Summer Merch Collection is Here

Besides formulation, Animal is also master of merch. You can’t think of the brand without thinking of their classic Iconic T-Shirt. On June 25th, 2024, Animal is dropping a line of apparel that seamlessly blends the fashionable with the functional.

Animal Merch 2024 True Original

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As a part of this summer drop, Animal is releasing the following:

  • Their Traditional Iconic T-Shirts
  • New Essential Line: simple and versatile, this line is excellent for daily wear.
  • Animal Shaker 2024

  • New Premium Line: built with the highest-quality fabrics and clean designs, the Premium Line is for when you need to look (and feel) your best.
  • New Performance Line: with premier, moisture-wicking and flexible fabrics, the Performance Line is perfect for getting the most out of your workouts.
  • Women’s Apparel Line: Not to leave the ladies out, Animal is releasing a line meant specifically for female athletes, prioritizing comfort as well as performance!

The last time we covered Animal apparel was when they partnered with Gym Reaper for a lineup. If this new edition sells anywhere as quickly as

All told, it looks like we’re getting a lot of new gear from the company that pioneered the ever-popular pill pack format for supplementation. We’ll hardly need to look anywhere else for our gym apparel needs!

Head to to see the 2024 Merch Drop while supplies last!

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