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Adaptive Immune System

Universal Animal Immune Pak: Modernize Your Body’s Immunity

Universal Animal Immune Pak

Animal Pak was founded in 1983 by Universal Nutrition and has grown to be one of the most iconic sports nutrition brands in the world. Originally, Animal Pak was simply a vitamin and mineral supplement pack that helped users hit their micronutrient intake. Today, Animal Pak is a supplement brand that offers numerous health and […]
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What are Beta-Glucans? Meet Mother Nature’s Immunity Agents

Beta Glucans

2021 saw a tremendous number of immune system supplements enter the market. We’ve covered several of them, including the now-discontinued Myprotein Immune Blend. It was a unique supplement because it wasn’t the standard zinc-based formula that had become so popular. Instead, it contained a stackable ingredient known as Wellmune, which is a natural […]
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Glaxon ARC Immune: Defend Yourself From Foreign Invaders

Glaxon ARC Immune Capsules

The Glaxon “Goons” make an appearance on the blog each month, and we’re always pleasantly surprised by what they come up with. Last time, Glaxon released Serenity, an extremely unique cortisol-reducing supplement that’s capable of destroying excessive levels of physical and mental stress. And we all know that less stress results in more gains […]
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