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Altius Review Mixability

Altius mixes easily with 8 oz of water with no sediment or residue clinging to the cup after 5-10 seconds of shaking!

We provided a breakdown of Jacked Factory’s Altius on the PricePlow blog back in March. At the end, we promised an in-depth review of this potential G.O.A.T. pre-workout when we finished a full run of the tub.

Now, that day has finally arrived, and here we are back we all the details!

Robert’s Altius Review

Editor’s Note: This is Robert’s ALTIUS review. Mike’s thoughts are at the bottom

  • Profile: 10/10

    As you can tell from the ingredient breakdown we gave on Altius, there isn’t one thing missing from this product. It’s got everything you could hope for all with efficacious doses of the ingredients. Getting in all of your daily doses of staple ingredients, in a single product, like creatine, betaine, and beta alanine was a huge plus for Altius aside from all the ergogenic benefits they provide

  • Energy: 10/10

    Altius packs a punch with 325mg of caffeine. Anywhere in the 225-300 range seems to be my sweet spot when it comes to pre-workouts, so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Would it hit hard and leave me to crash later or would I be to stimmed out to really have a productive workout?

    Jacked Factory Altius Ingredients

    Altius has a completely open label using ONLY scientifically proven ingredients fully dosed to ensure maximum potency. But is this caffeine too much?

    Luckily neither of these happened! Each time I took a scoop, I was rewarded with a nice jolt that I could feel within 10-15 minutes after taking it on an empty stomach. There is no “kick you in the face” hit from the caffeine, just a smooth uptick in energy and overall mood. Even though I was pretty gassed at the end of most of my workouts, it seemed like I still had a good amount of energy had I wanted to try and do any additional sets. There was no crash or dragging in the hours after taking Altius so that is a big plus!

  • Focus: 10/10

    Focus was outstanding (one of my biggest factors when looking for pre-workouts). The combination of caffeine and Alpha GPC created a level of focus I have rarely come across in other products that I have used. Each time I Altius, I have laser-like focus and never have problem concentrating on which exercise I happen to be doing, no matter how tired or exhausted the muscles may be.

  • Pumps: 9/10

    Interested in pumps? 8g of Citrulline Malate will certainly provide all you could ask for in terms of pumps. Pumps were fantastic with Altius. Although it is not something I am really after in a pre-workout, they were very noticeable no matter which workout it happened to be (arms, legs, chest, etc.).

    Few products I’ve tried have resulted in such a full pump, it bordered on uncomfortable and almost painful. Vascularity was also very noticeable.

    Altius landed in that category of solid pumps that made the last few sets on leg day somewhat difficult to finish due to the huge swell in the muscle. As I sat down after my workout, I realized I couldn’t sit longer than a minute or two without my legs feeling like they were going to explode.

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  • Staying Power: 10/10

    I was really looking forward to seeing what kind of endurance and recovery in between sets Altius could provide given the full doses of betaine, beta-alanine, and creatine that Altius contains. I tend to typically do higher volume routines (24 sets give or take) during a given training session and each and every time, stamina was never in question. The initial burst of energy provided by the caffeine continued well through the workout and throughout the rest of the day.

    Even towards the end of the workout, when muscle failure was setting in, I still felt like I had enough gas left in the tank to add the occasional drop sets, finisher, or “run the rack” set to really wear out the muscles.

    Fatigue was notably lessened during the workout and rest time in between sets seemed to decrease when using Altius.

  • Jacked Factory Altius

    Jacked Factory Altius is a clinically dosed pre-workout using only proven ingredients.

  • Mixability: 9/10

    No issues whatsoever with clumps or lumps as you can see in the photo below. Added 1 scoop (20g) to 8 oz. of water in a shaker bottle and after 5-10 seconds of shaking no egregious mixing issues. There was a tiny bit of foam on top, but that dissipates after sitting for a few minutes.

  • Taste: 6/10

    There’s currently only one flavor available, mixed berry blast. It has a very mild fruit flavor, but it’s not something that I would drink just for the flavor. It also has that definitive stevia aftertaste that is common amongst most products that use it as the sole sweetener. As noted above, I did mix this with 8 oz of water, so maybe with less, the flavor would be more pronounced.

    Note here that I tend to favor lemon or lemon-lime flavored supplements that have some kind of tart component to balance the sweetness. I’ve had many a fruit punch flavored supps that are downright cloyingly sweet and rather unpalatable. Altius wasn’t terrible tasting, but not a product I would buy based off its unparalleled taste either.

    Overall though, I can put aside a weak tasting pre-workout provided it is effective. And as you’ll see, there are NO issues whatsoever with Altius in the “effects” department!

  • Overall Value

    Altius Review Scooper

    Scooper sitting on top when you first open the tub is always a nice surprise so you don’t have to go digging around hunting for it.

    I know this is an all-inclusive product to be premium but I think its cost may be a bit prohibitive for some people’s wallets. Altius truly is a single scoop pre-workout, plus knowing that in a 20 serving tub you will get a full 20 workouts more than justifies its price tag. However, at the $39.49 price point I would likely only buy it on sale. If it drops to the sub $30 price I see it being a much more viable option, not only for me, but many others as well.

  • Extra Credit

    Scooper was right on top when I first opened the tub! No need to have to go fishing around or shaking it around to find it. Big easy to use scoop ensured you got the full 20g dose each and every time.

    Natural Flavoring, Naturally Sweetened, No Colors

    Don’t forget that this is a 100% naturally sweetened, naturally flavored, and naturally colored product.

    If you’re sick of dyes and artificial sweeteners, then definitely look into ALTIUS. As you can see, there’s still some color there for those who care about such a thing.

Mike’s thoughts

Robert is dead on with a lot of this, but I’m going to be honest – One scoop was simply too much caffeine for me. Call me a wimp, but 325mg gets away from me. The great part is that at 2/3 to 3/4 scoop, it works far better for me, and the pump is still definitely there. That also saves money.

So this is really going to come down to your caffeine tolerance. If you’re moderately high in tolerance, it may match really well with what you want and knock a few things off your supplement list.

But if you’re lower tolerance (ie. you want ~200mg caffeine per workout), you might start to lose the effectiveness of the other ingredients and have to add a bit more bulk post-workout.

I would also state that focus was not at a 10 for me because of lowering the dose. Most people (Robert included) love that Alpha GPC though!

Top 10 Worthy

We’ll eventually be adding this to our best pre workouts page. However, it will be paired against one other “Amazon pre workout” that also has good doses, yet is lower in caffeine. Both of them are great, but it will come down to where you want your energy to land.

Well, that’s it for this review! We hope you enjoyed it, and we strongly recommend that you consider adding Altius to your pre-workout arsenal if you are serious about seeing what a truly effective pre can do for your training sessions!

Jacked Factory Altius - Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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