SinFit Cookie: Is SINFIT the New King of Protein Cookies?

Sinister Labs SinFit Cookie

The SinFit Cookie is sinfully good… especially this birthday cake one. Flex Lewis approved!

Every now and then, we stumble across a company with a product or two that blows by the competition. This one just happens to be fronted by legendary bodybuilding superstar Flex Lewis!

SINFIT Nutrition landed on everyone’s radar after the incredible reception of the SinFit Protein Bars in late 2017. Protein bar launches have generally become a hit-or-miss endeavor for most companies. Learning from the mistakes of other companies in the past, SINFIT (formerly Sinister Labs) was not going to drop an edible protein snack unless it exceeded market expectations.

The SinFit Bar is arguably the most enjoyable protein snack available. Those who have tried the bars will expect the same joyful experience when they bite into a SinFit Cookie for the first time.

While most athlete-led brands are targeting workout supplements, SINFIT has gone after the cousin niche market of “functional foods”. The company sells protein pancakes, nut butter spreads (and powders) with caffeinated or decaffeinated options, SinFit Bars, and now… SinFit Protein Cookies.

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Review-Time: Written Review Below

The long story short is that we’ve had a couple of these at the 2018 Arnold, and they are easily the best tasting protein cookies out there. We still wonder if they’re a “flattened round protein bar”, but Mike thinks they are leagues above everything else.

If you want to read our written review, click here to skip down. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for an upcoming full video review — now let’s get into a deeper analysis of these cookies and this growing market in general.

The SinFit Cookie Looks (and is) Freaking Delicious:

Each SinFit Cookie comes drizzled with icing and a unique topping sprinkled atop the cookie, depending on which flavor you get. Where protein cookies have tried and failed, SINFIT is taking a chance to change the perception of what a protein cookie can taste like. The company aims to finally break the mold of a typical protein cookie and giving the market a genuine cookie experience.

Sinister Labs SinFit Cookie

Oh yes this is happening!! If you were bored by the other protein cookies, then prepare to be dazzled!

To put it simply right off the bat, this isn’t going to be some “low-carb” lie. It’s the real deal with protein included!

In recent years, we have had some noble cookie attempts from the likes of MuscleTech, ProSupps (MyCookie), Quest, Oatmega, Icon Meals, and the original lawsuit-mired Lenny and Larry’s “Complete Cookie”.

For each cookie’s success and failures, the general consensus is that no company has yet encapsulated that perfect cookie taste and texture with protein to add to it. Generally, if the texture is a hit, then the flavor may be a miss and vice-versa. Or the actual protein numbers are just not there.

To be more than just a circle shaped bar, the cookie needs to strike the balance between a moist and buttery center, accompanied by a sweet authentic baked-like aroma and a “whey-less” taste. This is no easy task and most companies in the cookie market have made admirable attempts to push the limits on what a protein cookie can be.

Is SinFit Cookie the one we have all been waiting for?

SinFit Cookie Label: Macros and Ingredients

SinFit Cookie Ingredients

This is nearly a meal replacement!

Looking at the label – each flavor of a SinFit Cookie boasts identical calories, macros, and weight. Each Cookie weighs 78 grams and has:

  • 310 Calories
  • 35g Carbs
  • 20g Protein
  • 12g Fat
  • 3g Fiber
  • 7g Sugar

A huge point of emphasis, each bar contains ZERO trans fat and no hydrogenated oils! Equally impressive, each bar is gluten free!

Protein Sources:

Your protein is led by whey protein concentrate, then followed by whey protein isolate. A dash of soy protein isolate is lower on the list, usually for textural purposes. Given that there’s a solid 20g protein and concentrate comes first, strongly lactose intolerant users may need to add a lactase pill or sadly skip this one.

Binding sources

The carbs come from rice flour (hence the gluten free), but to pull it all together, we’re looking at vegetable glycerin, vegetable oils, maltitol, and some chicory root fiber. We’re not worried about crazy fiber claims here though, given the 3g fiber.

One thing that isn’t clear is which ingredients are in the toppings and which are in the actual cookie, though.

Comparing to SinFit Bar

Sinister Labs SinFit

Here’s a close up of the double layer baked crunchy SinFit Bar

What quickly stands out is that the cookies have significantly fewer calories than their SinFit Bar counterparts. More impressive, is that this cookie weighs only 5 grams less than a SinFit Bar, at 78g vs. an 83g bar. This is likely due to the lower levels of fat in the cookie (12g) compared to the bar (16g), and as we know, fat is the most calorically dense energy source.

Nearly a meal replacement!

If you didn’t know this was a cookie, you might believe it was a meal replacement. The label almost makes it appear as a meal replacement bar with a respectable ratio of macros! Another takeaway is that the cookie contains only 7g of sugar – which is reasonably low, considering an entire Lenny and Larry’s cookie contains 24g of sugar.

No questionable label tactics

Speaking of Lenny and Larry’s, it’s worthy of note that the entire SinFit Cookie is one serving. Some people were puzzled when they ate an entire Lenny and Larry’s cookie and later realized the nutrition label reflects only one-half of the cookie. None of that label nonsense here.

Sinister Labs SinFit Cookie

They call this one “chocolate chip” but we believe it should be double chocolate chip!

The pictures of these Cookies demonstrate that SinFit brings a new element to protein cookies. When protein cookies began to be manufactured, they were generally bland, with no icing nor toppings. Everyone was afraid of carbs! But some of us simply want a different way to enjoy higher-protein foods – even if that’s with carbs alongside.

So several companies such as ProSupps began adding an icing/frosting element across the top of the cookie, and a new era was born!

But SinFit took it a step further, adding more toppings atop the cookie and icing. As you can imagine with Flex at the helm, nobody’s going to outdo his toppings! These additions typically aim to compliment the cookie’s base flavors. Even better, it makes them look way more delicious than the average protein cookie, and perception is reality!

All Flavors Currently Available

SinFit Cookies launched in three flavors (Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chip, and Peanut Butter) but is currently available in the following:

    As mentioned, each flavor has the exact same nutritional profile. The only exception for differences on the label, comes from some ingredients that are tailored towards each flavor (Example: peanuts included in the Peanut Butter flavor):

    • Birthday Cake

      The birthday cake flavor is described as a soft baked cookie that is covered in vanilla icing and fruity flavored bits. In a Birthday Cake flavor obsessed market, SinFit made some new fans with its flavor choice here.

      The Birthday Cake Cookie is drizzled with a festive pink frosting and then sprinkled with what are described as “fruit bits,” but honestly, these fruit bits look like crumbled up Fruity Pebbles. If that is the case, we can expect a seriously fruit infused flavor.

      This is the one Mike had, and it was legendary – if you have a sweet tooth and aren’t in low-carb mode like he unfortunately had to go back to!

    • Peanut Butter

      Sinister Labs SinFit Cookie Peanut Butter

      You know that Angry Mills knows their peanut butter!

      Another mandatory flavored cookie, SinFit’s peanut butter cookie warns people to be ready for the peanut butter ride of a lifetime. This bad boy is a peanut butter protein cookie covered with peanut butter icing and covered on top with real peanuts. You didn’t expect any less from Flex, did you??

      For anyone who has tasted the Angry Mills Peanut Butter, you know that they know their peanut butter. We are crossing our fingers that the SinFit Cookie carries over that same strong experience!

    • Chocolate Chip

      The standard “must have” flavor for any cookie, SinFit Chocolate Chip is described as a chocolate chocolate chip cookie covered in chocolate icing and then topped with even more chocolate chips. Also described as a chocolate lover’s dream, it’s clear that this isn’t going to be a preferred flavor for people who dislike chocolate…

      Quick note on this is that we’d call this a double chocolate chip cookie since it’s chocolate with chocolate chips — not a “regular cookie with chocolate chips” like we expect from the name.

    The Moment of Truth… our initial launch-time SinFit Cookie Review:

    Once you open the cookies – it becomes clear that SINFIT was not going cheap with the frosting. The entire cookie is frosted! Texture wise, they almost appear similar to a ProSupps MyCookie. The taste reveals a slightly different story:

    Of all the flavors, Birthday Cake “took the cake.” Peanut Butter came in a close second, while Chocolate Chip rounded out the three.

    • Birthday Cake:

      It definitely looks like a birthday cake flavor. The fruity undertone is noticeable but it really packs a vanilla cake taste. The frosting and fruity crumble toppings really pull it all together, and it is easy to see why they are compared to Fruity Pebbles. Texture wise, this isn’t a Nestle Break and Bake cookie, but it’s flavor combined with the moist consistency deserves applause. The consistency is similar to a ProSupps MyCookie, only there is an added moisture element which makes the cookie very pleasant to eat.

      SinFit Cookie Review Birthday Cake

      The Birthday Cake flavor is the odds-on favorite so far!

    • Peanut Butter

      The Peanut Butter cookie truly is a treat for peanut butter lovers. It is coated entirely in a peanut butter frosting and drizzled with pieces of real peanuts. The texture is similar to a ProSupps MyCookie, only more moist and less chewy. The cookie dissolves fairly well upon chewing and the combination of cookie dough, frosting, and peanut toppings all come together to form a very enjoyable peanut butter taste. The peanuts topping the cookie add a great crunch factor to the cookie.

      SinFit Cookie Peanut Butter

      Angry Mills does peanut butter right!

    • Chocolate Chip Cookie

      The flavor name gave an impression that the cookie would be similar to a chocolate chip cookie. After cutting through chocolate frosting, it quickly became noticeable that the entire base of this cookie is chocolate. I thought I was about to bite into a protein brownie. The cookie has an overwhelming chocolate presence with a rich underlying dark chocolate flavor.

      It is in no way bad, but it just doesn’t feel like a traditional “chocolate chip cookie”. Again, it seems more like a “double chocolate cookie.” Just like the other flavors, consider this a more moist version of a MyCookie. Chocolate lovers, you should enjoy this flavor especially.

      SinFit Cookie Chocolate

      Chocolate chocolate chip, not just “chocolate chip”

      But the product line is still wide open for a “regular” chocolate chip cookie!

    Final Thoughts: Protein Cookies have a new king!

    Sinister Labs made a respectable effort in the protein cookie market with the SinFit Cookie. It falls short of a true cookie experience, lacking the crumbly, buttery and gooey texture we all want in a cookie, but this is one of the best attempts we’ve seen.

    Sinister Labs

    Honest truth: we weren’t so sure about “caffeinated peanut butter” at first, but Sinister Labs has clearly found their place! See all Sinister Labs products on PricePlow!

    The taste is certainly one of the best for a protein cookie. Anyone who enjoys MuscleTech or ProSupps cookies, will likely view this as an upgrade. For those who have Lenny and Larry’s marked atop their lists, due to its resemblance of a real cookie, the SinFit Cookie might not unseat your preferred protein cookie, but this one has less question marks surrounding it too. However, the taste is unique and a very fun and enjoyable experience. It is worth trying for anyone.

    For having arguably the best tasting protein bars on the market, the expectations might have been too high for Sinister Labs. Being said, the SinFit Cookie sits atop the mountain of protein cookies alongside one or two others. The unique flavors alone make this product worth trying and the taste is arguably the best on the market. Fan of the SinFit Bars will definitely want to try these.

    This is a job well done for SINFIT and everyone should look forward to whatever the company creates next.

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    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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