Recover Faster with MFIT Supps’ Recoup: Hemp-Based Post Workout!

MFIT Supps Recoup

What a brilliant idea – Recoup is a hemp-based post workout recovery formula, you need to add to your supplement stack!

It’s hard to believe that MFIT Supps launched at the Arnold Sports Festival in 2019, given how much success they’ve already experienced. They were able to release 14 outstanding supplements, which really impressed the entire PricePlow team. So when it came time to pick PricePlow’s 2019 Rookie Brand of the Year, MFIT easily took the crown! However, when you do things the right way from day one it’s not that big of a surprise MFIT is quickly gaining popularity.

The crew over at MFIT has innovative formulas, pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing (owned and run by A&Z Pharmaceutical), and a great team of people to increase brand awareness and educate their customers. If you can’t tell, they’re not here to just make a quick buck and leave, MFIT is here to stay and this year will reinforce that even further!

Recoup: A Hemp-Based Recovery Powerhouse

MFIT A&Z Pharmaceutical

Stay tuned, because MFIT plans keep things at full throttle!

So, what could possibly be in store for MFIT in 2020? They already have some of the major categories nailed down like pre-workouts (Havoc and Trigger), proteins (Iso-Whey and Matrix), fat burners (Torch), and hemp-based anti-stress/sleep aids (Stress-66 and CBSleep). Well, when looking at their robust product line, one thing MFIT decided it was time to add is a complete post workout recovery formula called Recoup!

Unlike most other recovery formulas on the market, Recoup is not just amino acids and carbs. Recoup contains several unique ingredients that really make it stand out from its competitors. We all know recovery is key if you want to maximize every training session, so anything that can help you get back into the gym sooner is worth giving a shot. If you’ve tried any of MFIT’s other products, you know this is going to be one of the most best recovery supplements on the market!

In this article, we’re going to explain everything you need to know about Recoup, such as how to use it, what the ingredients do, and potential benefits you’ll notice from taking it. But, before we get into the nitty gritty details of this formula, make sure you’re subscribed to PricePlow and our MFIT news alerts! By doing this, you get exclusive access to supplement deals, coupons, news and reviews!

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Sympathetic vs Parasympathetic Nervous Systems

When you take a lot of stimulants, listen to loud music, and crush a workout, your sympathetic nervous system (flight-or-fight) is going to be at an all time high. This is great for training, but in order to start repairing damaged muscle fibers, it’s crucial to switch over into a parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) state and Recoup is here to help with just that!

MFIT’s Recoup Ingredient Analysis

Recoup Ingredients

Just look at that supplement facts panel, everything you need to recover quicker!

It’s not very common to see a hemp-based post workout supplement on the market, but MFIT is changing that with Recoup. We all know recovery is crucial, without it your performance suffers, strength decreases, and potential for muscle building comes to a screeching halt. Remember, muscle is built when you’re resting, not in the gym. Your body needs adequate nutrients in order to ensure the microtears you created from training heal and become even stronger!

There really aren’t a ton of well-formulated recovery products on the market, it’s an obvious gap that MFIT is looking to fill. Several companies focus too much on creating stimmed-out pre workouts that make you feel like you’re ready to train, but are you really recovered? This false sense of hope can leave you spinning your wheels, going nowhere fast. Getting hyped up for a big session is just as important as being able to calm down post-training, so you can start recovering as fast as possible.

Here’s what 1 serving of Recoup can deliver in order to put your recovery capabilities on high-speed:

  • L-Leucine (from Vegan InstAminosⓇ and Isolated L-Leucine) – 3.5g


    Guy and Nick are proud of every MFIT product!

    Recoup starts out strong with a great dose of what’s considered the most important amino acid., L-Leucine. Not only is leucine an essential amino acid, meaning our body cannot make it so we must consume it, it’s also one of the main Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) responsible for initiating muscle protein synthesis (MPS).

    When you’re in the gym doing an intense workout, muscle protein breakdown (MPB) is occurring at a greater rate than MPS. In order to start repairing and building muscle, it’s crucial to stimulate MPS. Leucine is the primary amino acid that can do this, so consuming an adequate amount of it post workout becomes very important. Leucine works by activating a protein called mTOR, which then kick starts MPS and thus recovery.[1]

  • RPM Factors (Bovine Colostrum Whey Protein Complex) – 2.5g (Providing 1g of Immunoglobulin G)

    Next on our list for this recovery complex is an ingredient that you don’t see all that often, bovine colostrum whey protein complex under the trademark of RPM Factors. Although you may not have seen this ingredient before, it could provide you with a host of benefits you wouldn’t expect.

    What is Bovine Colostrum?

    RPM Factors Colostrum

    Made by Sterling Technology, “RPM Factors is a high protein colostrum concentrate designed to complement a sports nutrition supplement or use as a standalone product.”

    Bovine colostrum is produced by cows within the first few days of giving birth. It’s known to be abundant in macronutrients, micronutrients, and bioactive components such as immunoglobulins, growth factors, and antimicrobial agents.[2] Since newborn calves have very weak immune systems when they’re first born, the bioactive components help promote growth and fight against diseases and infections.

    But how does this help you recover after a hard training session? Well, high-intensity and/or chronic exercise can leave you in an immunocompromised state, meaning you are at a greater risk for getting sick.[3] This occurs because your body is trying to recover from the physical stress placed upon it, therefore there’s less energy going towards making sure your immune system is running at full speed. Therefore, supplementing with bovine colostrum can be very beneficial, since it may be able to boost the immune system by supplying it with extra immunoglobulins. Immunoglobulins are proteins that act as antibodies, which help identify and destroy invading bacteria.[2]

    Post training, your risk for getting sick is at an all time high, so this ingredient is included to lessen your chances and keep you in the gym, working towards your goals!

  • VelositolⓇ (provides Chromium Picolinate and High Amylopectin Starch (waxy maize)) – 2g


    Made by Nutrition 21, the experts in Chromium and Insulin management, Velositol can boost Muscle Protein Synthesis by using chromium and a ‘tickle’ of insulin-spike from amylopectin!

    High amylopectin starch (waxy maize), under the trademark of VelositolⓇ, is gaining recognition because research shows it can drastically enhance muscle protein synthesis (MPS) alongside protein and exercise.[4] VelositolⓇ is manufactured by one of the leading ingredient suppliers in the industry, Nutrition 21.

    It’s classified as a chromium/amylopectin complex that is capable of increasing amino acid uptake into the muscle by amplifying insulin sensitivity, and thus MPS.[5] VelositolⓇ may also lead to an increase in various enzymes included in the MPS signaling pathway.

    The proposed benefits are attributed to one of the primary components of VelositolⓇ, chromium picolinate. This ingredient is responsible for increasing insulin response and metabolism of nutrients.[5] This is vital for getting the most out of protein consumption, because insulin helps shuttle the essential amino acids into the muscle cells. Therefore, taking Recoup alongside a high quality protein powder such as MFIT’s Iso-Whey or Mass Advantage will help you get the most out of this ingredient!

    You can read the full story on our main Velositol article, but this is by far the most unique and “common-sense” use of the ingredient we’ve seen!

    Velositol's effect on myokines / musclin

    This chart is based upon a rat study, but uses more reasonable amounts of protein alongside the Velositol – and the results are more reasonable as well, but still great!

  • COVICO Evaporated Coconut Water Powder – 2g

    Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance can cause several issues which impair recovery and performance. After a vigorous training session and excessive sweating, key electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium are crucial to replenish. That’s exactly why Recoup includes 2g of Covico Evaporated Coconut Water Powder to keep your electrolytes in check. Research shows coconut water powder is more effective than leading sports drinks for rehydrating and rebalancing your electrolytes![6]

    It’s obvious MFIT is tackling all aspects of recovery with this formula!

  • BetaPowerⓇ (Betaine Anhydrous) – 2g


    Beatine isn’t just for power, it also enhances the effects of creatine.

    MFIT decided to use one of the purest forms of betaine anhydrous on the market, BetaPowerⓇ. This form of betaine is derived from the molasses of sugar beets and is tested to be at a minimum 99% pure.[7] Betaine, also known as trimethylglycine, is found in several widely known foods such as spinach, seafood, beets, and whole grains.[7]

    This ingredient has been shown to promote hydration and performance by acting as an osmolyte and methyl donor.[8] It may even possess the ability to enhance endogenous creatine production by converting homocysteine to methionine, a precursor to creatine.[8] Thus betaine can lead to great power output, strength, and reduce dehydration. Although 2.5g is the clinically studied dose, several other MFIT products include betaine such as their pre workout Trigger. So getting another 0.5g somewhere else shouldn’t be an issue.

  • L-Isoleucine (from Vegan InstAminosⓇ) 1.25g and L-Valine (from Vegan InstAminosⓇ) – 1.25g

    Along with leucine mentioned previously, isoleucine and valine are the other two amino acids that round out the BCAA formula. Isoleucine is not as effective as stimulating MPS, however it still plays a key role in initiating it. As the name suggests, isoleucine’s structure is very similar to its cousin, leucine. In addition to assisting the activation of MPS, research shows that isoleucine may increase the muscles’ ability to uptake glucose,[9] giving them more usable energy to perform and recover.


    MFIT is here to give you only the best products!

    Research is lacking on exactly what valine can do from a performance perspective, but it has been shown to play an important role in synthesizing glycogen.[10] More studies are starting to assess the effects of a non-protein amino acid called β-aminoisobutyric acid (BAIBA), which is created from the breakdown of valine.[11] This molecule is secreted by skeletal muscle during exercise and preliminary evidence suggests it plays a major role in insulin sensitivity, weight management, and bone health.[11]

    This becomes important during a training session, because glycogen serves as your body’s stored energy for various physical activities. It also helps maintain your blood sugar levels so you don’t go hypoglycemic. Depleted glycogen will lead to a major decrease in performance, so it’s crucial to replenish it adequately before your next workout. By taking Recoup along with carbs post training will be sufficient in refilling your glycogen stores!

    In addition, consuming all BCAAs can be beneficial for reducing delayed onset muscle soreness and promoting recovery,[12] so you feel ready to go for your next workout!

    Now time for the ingredient we are most excited about!

  • Full Spectrum Microencapsulated European Hemp Oil Powder From Verdant Oasis Hemp Oil(CO2 extraction of aerial parts of cannabis sativa L.) – 250 mg (Providing 25 mg of phytocannabinoids per serving)

    Verdant Oasis Hemp Oil CBD

    Verdant Oasis Hemp Oil / CBD is certified genuine and trusted by top-tier manufacturers like A&Z Pharmaceutical

    Recoup will be one of the first hemp-based post workout formulas on the market, but it likely won’t be the last. This ingredient is sure to get people talking and interested in hearing how it works! You can tell MFIT is a fan of Full Spectrum European Hemp Oil from Verdant Oasis because this is the third product they’re including it in. Their very popular sleep aid, CBSleep, and their ‘relaxation’ supplement Stress-66 both have the same exact dose and received rave reviews (we’ve been especially partial to CBSleep)!

    CBD vs THC

    Cannabis consists of two primary components, THC and CBD, and both have unique effects on the body. Although they seem to work better as a pair, THC is not legal everywhere due to its psychoactive effects, and not everyone wants those effects post-workout. It’s important to note that Recoup does not contain any THC, so you won’t have to worry about any “side effects” typically noticed with its consumption. This only contains an extremely high quality form of CBD to give you a host of other benefits.

    The main focal point of using FullSpectrum Microencap – 250mg Sulated European Hemp Oil Powder From Verdant Oasis Hemp Oil, is that it provides 25mg of phytocannabinoids per serving! Because they’re one of the main active compounds in CBD and responsible for providing the majority of the benefits, It’s important to know the exact dose of phytocannabinoids in this extract. Reading between the lines, this means we’ll be getting 25mg CBD (cannabidiol) in each serving, as it’s a 10% standardization strength.

    CBD acts as a cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1) antagonist and reacts with another receptor called TRPV1, which has been linked to pain and stress.[13-17]. This interaction is likely why CBD can produce a calming effect and help relieve pain. Research also suggests, CBD may be able to assist with chronic pain management, which is a major issue for several people.[18] We all know pain makes exercising very difficult, so any reduction can be a huge benefit!

    We also postulate that this mechanism may also negate the inflammatory effects of a poor diet laden in omega-6 fatty acids.

    Lastly, CBD supplementation may result in improved sleep and lower anxiety, thus this ingredient is well-suited for optimal recovery![19]

  • Other Ingredients

    Some other ingredients are added to improve taste, mixability, and texture such as maltodextrin and MCT oil. However, there’s only a very small amount of those two ingredients with MCT oil adding just 1g of fat and maltodextrin adds about 5-6g of carbs, judging from the rest of the label.

    These ingredients are likely included to improve the palatability of the formula without increasing the calories too much, and we never say no to a post-workout insulin spike from extra maltodextrin alongside that Velositol!

Flavors Available

Below you can find an updated list of MFIT Recoup’s flavors:

    At the time of publishing this article, Mike has tried Candy Pineapple and it was incredibly smooth and delicious. It will mix perfectly with vanilla protein powder! MFIT is known for great flavor systems and Recoup is no exception!

    Final Thoughts on Recoup: A Perfect Post Workout Addition!

    MFIT Athlete

    Hard training requires top notch supplements to fuel recovery.

    Recoup contains only 100 calories, 1.6g of fat, 8.3g of carbs and 3.9g of protein, so it’s a great inclusion to your post workout supplement stack! It has several unique ingredients to promote recovery, but we still suggest taking it with a protein powder and some kind of carb source to really get the most out of it. However, most people do that already so this should be an easy addition!

    As we expected from MFIT, this is a very well-formulated recovery product and perfect for anyone looking to get the most out of each training session. Our initial impressions have been extremely positive – there’s recovery, but not drowsiness or anything like that. Without proper recovery, you’re at a greater chance for injury, illness, and decreased performance, so make sure you’re taking your recovery seriously!

    In 2019, we were blown away by how MFIT rose to the top and took the supplement industry by storm. This year will be no different, launching Recoup is just the beginning – so make sure you follow along, because there is much more to come from MFIT!

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    About the Author: Heather Jacques

    Heather Jacques

    Heather Jacques, AT, ATC, has a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Athletic Training. She is a researcher, athletic trainer, and fitness enthusiast who is PricePlow’s Digital Content Manager. Heather constantly stays up to date with the latest scientific literature in order to provide the best information for the readers.

    Heather’s goal is to educate, empower, and give people the tools to reach their fitness and health related goals. There are far too many myths out there and Heather is here to provide the truth.

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