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Divided Labs is a rapidly grown supplement company founded on passion and dedicated to creating superior quality supplements.

We’re always on the lookout for the next wave of great supplements, and new companies that make them. Right now the industry is booming, and the consumer is the clear winner as there are numerous high quality, effectively-dosed products added to the marketplace.

Divided Labs is one of these burgeoning brands that’s primed to make the leap to the big leagues as it’s headed by a former power player from one of the internet’s biggest retailers.

One of our regular commenters on Facebook keeps talking about their monstrously loaded pre workout, so we decided to dive in and see what the story is.

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Who is Divided Labs?

Connor Cummings Divided Labs

Meet the President and Founder of Divided Labs, Connor Cummings, and yes…he does lift!

We’ve noticed a common theme with several of the up and coming brands that we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past few months — they all broke away from the big name companies to strike out on their own and do things their way!

Divided Labs is no different.

Connor Cummings, CEO, President & Founder of Divided Labs, was a major purchaser for one of the biggest e-retail channels on the web. As part of his then-career, Connor met with the highest level at every brand to negotiate deals on a daily basis. Across these endless meetings, he noticed one startling fact — the industry had a severe lack of passion for products, and a sole focus on profit.

Connor eventually tired of this charade from the bigger companies, and struck out on his own to restore some much needed passion to a money-crazed industry, and thus Divided Labs was born.

Up Close with the Owner

During our discussions with Connor, we realized, he’s had quite the journey from where he started in the industry to where he is now, as head of Divided Labs. One thing is clear, this guy has passion and LOTS of it! He’s been through a great deal of things, and come out stronger for it with a firm commitment to use his life’s journey to bring VALUE to the world.

“I started off as a 3x NPC Heavyweight Champion by age 23, pursuing a walk in this industry that gave little thought to my overall health or well being. After injuries and health issues I took a step back to walk away from bodybuilding. 6 months after putting my career on hold I was diagnosed with cancer in December 2014.

I combine everything I have from being a top level bodybuilder, conquering cancer, and my expertise in sport nutritional supplementation, as I walk with an intense passion to leave a lasting impact on anyone I encounter. I am obsessed with seeing everyone around me become their own personal best and empowering everyone to never settle for anything less then it.

My walk today is about taking EVERYTHING I have derived from my own personal accomplishments and to create a platform that no matter where you currently are in life, you can tap into our resources and create an insanely better life for yourself.”

As you can see, Divided Labs is a rare combination never settling for mediocrity, seizing every day, and using personal success to create a path for others to follow. (Pay it forward, if you will).

Who is Divided Labs for?

If you’re keen to maximize your efforts in the gym and life in general, Divided Labs is for you! The company is committed to helping you push past your limits in the gym by creating a lineup of products to naturally enhance your capacity and capabilities in the gym.

“We believe that health and fitness should enhance your life, and everything in it. We combine the highest performing ingredients with a focus on overall health for maximizing performance. Our formulas are high powered but you will also see things like no artificial colors/dyes or vegetable capsules in our Diverge MAX.”

Divided Labs

Determined to Dominate. Divided Labs is young but off to a strong start! Got our eyes on them (and their coupons)

Top Divided Labs Products

  • Diverge MAX

    Divided Labs Diverge Max

    Looking for superior natty gains? Diverge Max is where you need to look.

    If you’re someone who takes their health health as seriously as your workouts, Divided Labs Diverge MAX is right up your alley! It’s an all-in-one natural muscle builder that will building your STRONGEST you.

    Diverge Max contains a powerful duo natty muscle-building ingredients in Laxosterone® (5a hydroxy laxogenin) and Epicatechin. To bolster the bioavailability of these two anabolic agents, Divided Labs has included the potent absorption enhancer BioPerine.

    Connor has personally vouched for the product and has stated that it’s allowed him to come back better and stronger than ever before, all without the use of illegal anabolics! This is a CEO and president who actually uses the products he sells… it’s rarer than you think.

  • Previde V2

    Divided Labs Previde Benefits

    Previde is clinically dosed (at 2 scoops) and can help you train beyond your normal limits.

    Previde is a Divided Labs monster pre workout that packs in full doses of 13 powerful ingredients in two scoops to maximize your performance in the gym. It delivers on all fronts — huge pump, endless endurance, max strength output, and relentless energy. You’ll have the drive and capacity to train far beyond your natural capabilities.

    Previde packs a punch at the full serving 350mg caffeine + theobromine, halostachine, higenamine, and hordenine. If it’s too much, simply scale back to 1 scoop which contains only 175mg caffeine. Best of all, it’s transparently labeled, so you always know what you’re getting with each helping of Previde.

  • Aminovide

    Divided Labs Aminovide Benefits

    Aminovide is far from your typical run of the mill BCAA, aside from BCAAs, you also get antioxidant support and nutrient absorption enhancers.

    No supplement brand is complete without its own amino acid product, and that’s exactly what Aminovide is, but don’t make the mistake of assuming it’s the same old, same old formula here.

    Divided Labs has put their own unique spin on the popular BCAA by including a novel BCAA uptake and Antioxidant support blend including Spectra® and P5Pharm®, a trademarked form of Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate. P5Pharm® is an active form of B6 that plays an important role in amino acid metabolism and increases BCAA digestion.

    On top of that, there’s also hydration support including organic coconut water powder and a well rounded blend of electrolytes. Aminovide uses Vegaminos®, the purest form of 100% fermented vegetable sourced BCAA’s, and contains absolutely ZERO artificial colors or dyes.

Where to Find Divided Labs Products

Divided Labs handles all of their own distribution from their facility. As for retailers, you can find the entire line using our coupons at stores like Suppz in the price widget below:

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…but also see their website, where you can save 10% with our special insider’s coupon.

For a limited time, you can use the code PricePlow for 10% off at DividedLabs.com.

Where to Follow

Divided’s Top Athletes

Eva Saenz Divided Labs

Here’s one of the stunning physiques sponsored by Divided Labs, Ms. Eva Saenz.

Like all major players in the supplement game, Divided Labs has a full arsenal of aesthetically pleasing athletes to promote the brand and enhance awareness of it. Their top 3 athletes are:

  • Eva Saenz
  • Peter Putnam
  • Kadu


What do you get when you combine experience with passion and a commitment to quality?!

Divided Labs and their expertly crafted line of supplements, that’s what!

We like what we see thus far from Connor and the rest of the Divided Labs team, now it’s time to see how they step up their game and go after the big dogs on the street.

Divided Labs - Best Deals and Price Drop Notifications

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