Jared’s Magnum Tonic + E-Brake Log: Competitive Natural Bodybuilder

Magnum Tonic & E-Brake Log

Follow Jared’s Magnum Tonic & E-Brake Log below! Note that this is Jared’s profile picture, more up-to-date pics coming soon!

Magnum Nutraceuticals reached out to find interested candidates for their Tonic & E-Brake Stack.

This natural stack is perfect for the individual looking to put on lean mass and keep estrogen levels in check to maximize our gains, and minimize fat. We put out an APB for loggers, and got a hit with Jared, a competitive natural bodybuilder.

So catch up and follow along each week to track his progress and see if the Tonic / E-Brake stack could be the next great duo to add to your stash!


I am a competitive Natural Bodybuilder. I have almost turned Pro twice once in the spring of 2012, and once again in the fall of 2013. I love the powerbuilding style training and am a flexible dieter.


  • Age: 24
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 190lbs


This is hard to discuss because every day is different but I track all my macros . I do tend to stick to similar foods, a quality whey protein, I have about 5 flavors on tap at all times.

Oats/wheatena/cream of rice make up a large chunk of my meals I like making sludge. Other then that sticking to things like chicken and ezekial bread are go to meals for me, along with KIND granola bars.


I am not sure If I am going to compete in the spring but I am currently 6.5 weeks into a cutting/deficit phase.

Other than that eventually compete in a sanctioned powerlifting meet, Some of my best lifts are 335×3 reps flat bench or 275 x10. I have deadlifted 605×3 reps and 495×14 reps. My best squats is 500×2 with slingshot knee wraps or 445×2 with sbd knee sleeves.


My training is a mix of powerlifting and hypertrophy training. My focus is for legs squats, stiff leg deads and lunges. For chest is flat bench and incline dumbell press and for back is of course deadlifts, seal rows and pull ups. Shoulder/arms I like to mix it up and stick to hypertrophy movements.


So I will be taking 1 tonic three times per day, once per waking one post workout, and one before bed. As for the Ebrake I take 3 before bed. Really easy plan to follow.

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On to the log:

  • Week 1 Recap


    So this week has been pretty good have been trying out some more hypertrophy based work now that the first potential show I am looking at is about 19 weeks away. So starting to throw in more drop sets, super sets and upping cardio very slowly.

    I have not had a bad training session the entire 8 weeks I have been cutting. Looking forward to maintaining my strength as long as possible and with the help of this stack it should help for sure.

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    8 weeks into a cut/caloric deficit and strength has not dropped at all its only been 1 one on the magnum stack but, nothing bad to report and no new is good news when your maintaining strength.

    Mindset and Mood:

    I feel fine nothing really to report, 8 weeks into a cut, starting to get a little hungry, but looking forward to each workout, cardio session and nights sleep to improve and get better then the next day.

    Body Recomposition Changes:

    I am currently on a cut/possible contest prep. I am tracking every macro, and every minute of cardio. So my physique will be improving weekly with the diet, nothing much added so far as of taking this stack yet, but I am getting leaner I’d say every 9 days when cutting you notice.

  • Week 2 Recap


    Magnum Tonic E-Brake Review

    Jared’s going strong on Tonic & E-Brake, Week 2! HUGE deadlift, especially while dieting down to his size!!

    Have to say still been killing it in the gym .This week had 180 caloric drop from food and 50 caloric drop from added cardio. Been attacking cardio HIIT style which I think is the most challenging yet effective for me right now. Workouts have been great at sub 190lbs hitting 275 for 8 reps on the bench and still pause squatting 335 x8 reps.


    Even though from dieting my Bodyfat is getting lower, and my bodyweight is dropping and I am doing HIIT cardio which breaks the body down, Strength is still holding steady and technically I am losing weight and bodyfat and maintaining strength so maybe getting stronger.

    Mindset and Mood:

    Feel great I can’t say anything bad . I am a bit hungry but hey thats the name of the game 9 weeks into a caloric deficit you will be. But While I am in the gym I focus my energy at the goal ahead which is improvement.

    Body Recomposition Changes:

    Still holding all my size, my cheeks are getting sucked out more and more, but still pretty full and keeping my size. I am leaning out with the caloric deficit , skin is tightening up. So far so good!

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  • Week 3 Recap


    Things are still on the up and up. Cardio was upped this past week and I like to do HIIT/MISS mix. So in 20 minutes on the eliptical or stepper I will try to burn roughly 350 calories. At sub 190lbs that is moving pretty quick and one tip of advice on the stepper is not to lean forward and hunch over.

    My intensity is still very high considering I have dropped my calories down another 75 total this week. As of now training is still very intense and It does not feel like I have been dieting for 10 or 11 weeks.


    For my big three the are all either maintaining on this cut Such as my bench press and squat. My deadlift is even going up. So in 10-11 weeks I am down about 7-8 lbs yet maintaining strength and gaining on the deadlift. I would say things are going pretty well.

    My other lifts such as weighted pull ups are going up too. This makes sense as I am losing weight so I can add more to the pull ups. Regardless still feel like I am making progress which is really all you can ask for on a cut.

    Magnum Tonic E-Brake Reviews

    Jared doing Mountain Dog Style Lat Pulldowns

    Mindset and Mood:

    I am really starting to see my physique change this is where dieting/training/cardio all comes together in my opinion. So in this regard I am grinding through some of the hunger I am experiencing and pushing through some of the tiredness from the diet, but my will to crush it in the gym is still incredibly high.

    Body Recomposition Changes:

    Veins are getting thicker, and in general showing more. The striations in my chest are starting to come through even more and more, same with my shoulders, My legs are holding good size and showing more separation. I really couldn’t be more happy with the way things are going since taking these supplements.

    I am not seeing Superman type gains in strength or body comp, but considering everything from diet, training , cardio and sleep is on point I feel this stack is aiding in making me better.

  • Week 4 Recap


    What to say but another productive week in the gym, including cardio. I personally have never liked cardio unless it is all out sprints. So for cardio for this cut, I have been doing a more intense version of MISS. I use either the eliptical or stepper and at 185lbs plugged into the computer on the cardio machines, I am burning 350 -370 calories every 20 minutes. To say the least I have been bringing the intensity to cardio.

    Weight training has still been great, my strength has not dropped at all, I am getting more sore, using few more supersets and intensity techniques so it has been fun.


    This week still able to do pause squats of 365lbs for 6 sets of 6 reps, bench 285 for 7 sets of 5, all at the bodyweight of 185lbs so I would say things are going well. I am in my 11th week of being in a caloric deficit and my 7th week of doing cardio, yet my big three are either all remaining where they are or going up.

    I am training back today and looking to do a german volume training set for deadlifts with 405, so in other words 100 reps with 405. I can only imagine how that will feel the next morning.

    Mindset and Mood:

    I look forward to each and every workout, All I want is to see improvement whether it is in the gym, or it is in the mirror. Progress in general when gaining muscle/burning fat if done right should be slow and consistent. However you need to be mentally strong to get through things like legs being sore, while performing cardio, or trying to get through the day when you start to get hungry.

    Body Recomposition Changes:

    Not a whole bunch to report, I am still leaning out nicely and keeping fullness, more vascularity is starting to appear such as in my inner quads, lats and overall veins just look thicker. My waist has continued to get smaller in the past 4 weeks since using these products. As a whole I will be putting up a review on multiple websites.

    I always say with natural products I truly believe the products really start to shine right about when you finish them up after 4 weeks. The most important thing to take away from physique change while using natural products is it will be minimal just because it is an over the counter it is natural, and you have to accept that gaining 1% more muscle is better than gaining no muscle. Slow and steady wins the race.

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