Introducing PricePlow’s Virtual Shopping Cart (vCart)

It’s nice to compare prices and find good deals on PricePlow, but when we buy supplements, we usually buy more than one product.

That’s why we invented the vCart, short for Virtual Shopping Cart.

How it Works

This is a tool that essentially compares shopping carts for you.

On the vCart page, we calculate the best final price from any and all stores, which includes estimated flat-rate shipping.

Sometimes, this will result in sending you to multiple stores. When that happens, there is either no store that has everything you want, or one store’s price is so good (even with additional shipping) that it ultimately saves you money.

This system always goes for the drop-dead lowest price.

How do I use it?

On every page of PricePlow, alongside the standard red Go to Store button, you’ll now see a blue Add to vCart button.

1. Find a product you want, and click Add to vCart

Add a product to your virtual shopping cart from a product page

On a product page? Find the blue button up to the right. This right here is PES Select Protein

When you click that button, you’ll get a popup if there are flavor/size options for you to choose.

2. Choose a size and flavor in the popup, if necessary

You must choose a size, but flavors are not mandatory. Any flavor keeps you more flexible:

Select a size and flavor

Depends on how picky you are…. going with any flavor keeps us flexible. FYI Cookies & Cream is our favorite flavor of Select Protein!

Hit the blue button again, you should see a green alert at the top of your page:

Great Success!

Great Success!

We now have one item in our vCart.

3. Keep shopping or go to the vCart page

One product isn’t enough for us, so let’s head over to the pre workout supplements page and see what Vaughn’s got cookin for us over at iForce:

Another way to add to your vCart

Another way to add to your vCart – From a brand or category page

OK, now we’ve added a couple of products. This time, click on the vCart link on the green bar up top.

4. Go to the vCart when ready

Let’s see what the damage is at the vCart:

The PricePlow vCart

The PricePlow vCart – Hit the black button to sign up for price alerts on these products, and the red button to go to the stores

Hit the red button…

5. Sign up for Alerts and then click Go to Stores

and… trouble! Pop-up blocked:

PricePlow's Pop-Up is Blocked

PricePlow’s Pop-Up is Blocked! The first product opens in a new tab, but everything after that is blocked. See next step

6. Disable popup-blockers for

In Chrome, here’s the solution:

How to Enable Popups for PricePlow

How to Enable Popups for PricePlow in Chrome

After following these steps, you can try again, and you’ll get a new window opened for each product!

You can search to see how to block popups for other browsers. We enjoy Chrome the most, but if you don’t want to be spied on by Google, SRWare Iron is the free, no-spying alternative. After that, Firefox is our preference.

Get started on PricePlow now!

Known Issues

We’re still working a few bugs out:

  • Update: Free shipping on orders over $___ is now implemented. There are about 10 stores that do this. Some stores offer free shipping if you spend more than $XX there. That’s not currently calculated – we add flat-rate shipping no matter what. We’ll see about including that.
  • Some stores do not use flat-rate shipping. Unfortunately, we’re not going to calculate their precise shipping.

    If you’re ordering heavy stuff, you’ll want to stick with the stores with flat-rate shipping (which nearly always get the best deals in the vCart).

  • We don’t have a “don’t care” type of product.

    It’d be nice to add “any trusted vitamin D product” to the vCart. But that won’t happen too soon either.

    Our suggestion is to not add these to your vCart. Find the best store deal on the important stuff, and then search their site for the more generic products like Vitamin D.

Feel free to comment with any others.

Coming Next: Save your Stack and share it!

The next feature is what we’re most excited about! You’ll be able to put together a stack for yourself or friends, save it with notes, and share it.

We’ll definitely run some fun contests with that. Some ideas:

  • Best weight loss stack
  • Best muscle mass stack
  • Funniest stack

More on that when it’s ready!


This system is clearly slanted towards flat-rate shippers, and that’s the way it should be.

There are a few stores that charge over $12 to send a 1lb tub of BCAAs, and that’s their cheapest option. These stores will not get as much attention from the vCart, because we’ve estimated their flat-rate shipping to be $12.99.

Leave a comment with bugs, issues, problem products, etc..

Let us know if there are any issues here, or if you want us to double-check any products that may be missing a few sizes/flavors/stores.

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is a biohacker with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several "n=1" experiments done on himself.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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