Oh Yeah ONE Bar Lemon Cake: MUST-TRY Flavor!

Last week we introduced many of you to a protein bar making waves in the community, the Oh Yeah! ONE Bar. This week, we’re going to introduce you to the mother of all flavors in the ONE bar line… Lemon Cake!

Oh Yeah ONE Bar Lemon Cake

We take an in-depth look at the best flavor of OhYeah! ONE Bars…the deliciously appetizing LEMON CAKE!

What makes this one different and noteworthy among the competition? Why should Quest be so scared?

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Lemon Cake ONE Bar

Let’s start things off with a simple description of what makes the Lemon Cake bar awesome. To put it into words doesn’t do justice to it’s flavor and texture, but we’ll try.

OhYeah! One Bar Lemon Cake Inside

Just look at how good the Lemon Cake bar looks! It is as soft as it looks, too!

The Lemon Cake One bar is covered in a light layer of frosting with a dense cake-like center offering you a taste and textural experience that’s vastly different from all those “clean” protein bars currently available.

How many times have you tried a protein bar and the texture is powdery, crumbly, dry and all around disgusting?! Too many times for us to count.

Fortunately the taste and texture of this bar surpasses anything we’ve tried in terms of a healthy protein bar. One bite of the Lemon Cake and you really will be saying OhYeah! Often times when eating protein bars that are chocolate, caramel, or peanut butter flavor, it almost feels too sweet leaves you feeling heavy and pudgy.

The light, refreshing taste of lemon cake helps to satisfy your sweet tooth without leaving you feeling like you just destroyed a dessert buffet.

A little bit different macros (better!)

OhYeah! ONE Bar Lemon Cake Ingredients

The Lemon Cake ONE Bar has just a little bit more protein and calories than the rest of the line, but the taste alone more than makes up for the extra cals.

Comparing the macros on Lemon Cake flavor to the other bars in the ONE bar line up, you’ll notice that Lemon Cake is just a little bit better. Here’s a breakdown of the label:

  • Protein: 22g vs 21 for the others
  • Carbs: 23g vs 24g for the others
  • Fat: 7g vs 8g for the others
  • Calories: 220 vs 210 for the others

We’ll take that extra gram of protein – especially since this is our favorite flavor to boot!


The Lemon Cake bar uses similar ingredients as the rest of the ONE bar line up, but there are a few subtle differences that go into the flavoring of this one. The two biggest differences with Lemon Cake are the inclusion of Beta Carotene and Calcium Carbonate.

Beta Carotene

Beta Carotene is commonly found in carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. It’s been used for centuries as a way to lend an orange, red, or yellow color to foods and cosmetics.[2]

The body converts Beta Carotene to Vitamin A, which is heavily involved in supporting eye health and being able to detect light. Combining this with our next ingredient helps give that traditional yellow look that we all attribute to lemon cake.

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate is the main component of egg shells and many other marine animals and even snails! While that may not sound entirely appetizing, the vast majority of calcium carbonate used in the food industry comes from mining operations.[1]

So what’s it doing in my ONE Bar?!

Calcium carbonate is often used to improve the texture, control the acidity or “tang” that a product can have, and act as a white food coloring. Combining this with the orange color you get from beta carotene results in the deliciously enticing yellow color that the center of the bar has.

Calcium carbonate even has some nutritional benefit as well. The major constituent of calcium carbonate is CALCIUM. As you can see, eating just a single Lemon Cake Bar will fulfill 8% of the RDA value of calcium that you should get each and every day. So not only does Lemon Cake taste delicious, it’s helping to strengthen your teeth and bones!

Reviewer Feedback

OhYeah! One Bar Lemon Cake Inside


Reviews from the community have been resoundingly positive in regards to both the flavor and texture of the bar. Tasters have commented on how the frosting layer is just thick enough give the bar an indulgent taste without overpowering the delicate lemon flavor that the cake center has.

Our own taster panel here at PricePlow has given it two thumbs up! We tried to snap an inside picture of the bar, but Mike gobbled them up too fast for our camera guy to get a good shot! Thankfully, the pics from OhYeah’s Instagram were available – see it pictured to the right.


If you’ve tried the usual batch of chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, or brownie flavored protein bars and suffering from palate fatigue, OhYeah! has you covered. Lemon Cake offers a novel flavor in the protein bar market that you won’t find in many other places.

Lemon Cake is far and away the best of the ONE Bar flavors that are available. Do yourself and your taste buds a favor and grab one of these today and be ready to scream OhYeah!

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