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PricePlow YouTube / Instagram Job

Are you a fitness personality looking for some consistent cash and exposure? Then read on!

PricePlow is looking for two fitness personalities to be the “face and voice of the brand” on YouTube, Instagram, and even the occasional Periscope in 2016!

These are cash contract positions, so read on.


We are looking for one male and one female to fulfill the following duties:

  • One weekly video for our YouTube channel

    Topics will vary. We’ll have you do at least one supplement review per month, talk about occasional news articles from PricePlow’s blog, chat about whatever’s trending, etc.

    Since this is for our channel, you’ll need to upload the video to our DropBox or Google Drive.

  • Images for our Instagram account

    Our Instagram account needs more flair!

    At least twice weekly, take a cool picture, email it to us with a description and hashtags, and we’ll post it to the @PricePlow account and tag you.

    This could be anything from workout pics to culinary creations to supplement stacks. Not just a ton of quintessential “posing” pics – mix it up!

  • Weekly posts and images linking / tagging us from your social media accounts

    Post whatever you’re up to and tag us on occasion.

    Example: get a big pump from a product PricePlow hooked you up with? Post it and tag us!

  • Engagement

    Engage with our followers on Facebook and YouTube when we post your videos.

  • Periscope

    As we build up a following, host informal Periscopes on occasion


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Should Mike (right) get back onto YouTube? CJ’s super busy (left) but should we try to get him back too?

Most brands offer free product each month for their athletes.

We can’t do that, so instead, we’ll offer $250 cash each month if all obligations are fulfilled, plus get various free supplements to review each month.

We’ll also consider paying for any contest/race entry fees.

Rules and Guidelines

  • US Preferred.

    Exceptions can be made, but most brands don’t want to ship review products internationally.

  • Cross-promotion is allowed.

    If you have your own YouTube channel, we’ll happily link to it. If you want to quickly mention your personal training services, have at it.


  • You cannot be a supplement brand rep

    Unfortunately, there would be too much bias here. If you’re already sponsored by a clothing line or some kind of food product, that’s fine. We just can’t share athletes.

    (Note: If you’re a brand rep, we’re still happy to post an occasional one-off YouTube or image from you).

  • Must link to us in your social media profiles

  • Have an opinion… just not a “defamatory” one.

    Opinions on the YouTube channel are great, especially if they’re contrarian. But we will not tolerate any libelous or slanderous activity.

  • Must enjoy stimulants

    A photo posted by PricePlow.com (@priceplow) on

    You don’t need to be this insane about your stimulants… but you do need to enjoy using them and reviewing stim-based products.

    Let’s admit it…. we use lots of stimulant products. You don’t need a huge tolerance, but we can’t work with 100% caffeine-free people.

  • Have FUN

    You need to want some spotlight here, because when we post the videos to our blog, you will get views. So have fun with it.

    We’re looking for some personality, not just athletes. PricePlow is run by boring programmers/writers…. so you must not be!

    So if this doesn’t sound fun to you, then you’re not our person.

Consistency is king. Although not time consuming, this sponsorship requires dedication each and every week. We will part ways with any flakes.

If you don’t want to be tied to just one manufacturer, then joining Team PricePlow is for you! We consider ourselves “marketing free agents” and get to talk about all kinds of things we like… and don’t like.

To apply

These applications will never be shared with the public. After we’ve gone through all of them, we may request a YouTube audition video (private, if you like).

There is no set deadline, but preferably by January 15 or January 22.


This is a contract-based, work-for-hire assignment. Not a W-2 position. All content provided to PricePlow will be owned by PricePlow (formally ClutchWave Inc).

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