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This post was updated on August 19, 2017 to reflect the new keto position.

Hi everyone, Mike with PricePlow here – I’m the founder of this site.

Due to the initial success of my Keto Supplement experiment, and the fact that the keto diet is working so well for me after getting past a few sticking points, I’d like to dive deeper into this bold new world, but I need your help.

PricePlow is Hiring

PricePlow is currently seeking an English­-speaking content writer who has a genuine interest in the ketogenic diet.

This is a part-time, work from home contract job.

Job Qualifications

  • 18 years or older.
  • Own a personal computer / laptop with stable internet connection.
  • Willingness to collaborate with a team through Google Drive, Asana, etc.
  • Ability to meet strict deadlines on a weekly basis.
  • Maintain quality grammar and have a keen eye for details.
  • Preferably a current college student or graduate in a technical or related field.
  • A native English ­speaker.

It’s not required to be a college student or have a major in a related field. It is required to have some experience with the keto diet, knowledge of its effects, and a serious interest in the underlying science.

Since the subject of ketosis is heavy with scientific research, the ability to understand and clearly explain the fundamentals behind this research is incredibly important.

Job description

Writing Jobs - PricePlow is Hiring!

You don’t need one of these, but you do need your own PC or laptop

Content writers are responsible for the research of various topics covering the food, diet, mechanisms, supplements, and overall effects from the keto diet. Our job is to take the overly technical information and make it easily-digestible for normal readers.

The writer will be responsible for 2-3 assignments per week, but that may change as some of this content is extremely technical.

Assignment Details

In general, we have three different kinds of assignments:

  • Ingredient / Category write-ups

    As an example, here’s a write-up about Rhodiola Rosea: http://www.priceplow.com/rhodiola-rosea, and we’d like to do the same for beta hydroxybutyrate, which will not be a simple exercise.

  • Product write-ups

    Here’s a non-keto example for MTS Nutrition’s Machine Whey Protein – http://www.priceplow.com/mts-nutrition/machine-whey-protein. As new keto products come out, we’ll need to analyze them, determine what’s good and bad about them, and consider how much we’d be willing to pay for such products.

  • Informational Blog Posts

    On top of the new products, we’d also like to stay on top of the keto news and research that comes out. This can be a daily job in and of itself, so we’ll need to prioritize this against the products we’re analyzing (and eventually reviewing with blood tests).

We stay organized using the Asana project management system, and we collaborate within Google Drive.

We TELL THE TRUTH. If some product or ingredient is total bullshit, we say it like it is and point to the real science / facts to back it up in an honest and ethical manner. For instance: http://www.priceplow.com/african-mango.


The rate scale is based upon talent, experience, and volume. The pay will likely range somewhere from 3 to 7.5 cents per word depending on skill level. All payments will be made twice monthly through Paypal or Intuit Online Payroll (ACH).

Can I Self-Promote?

Not at first, but if things work out and you want to begin posting more personal reviews, that can be arranged!

How to Apply

Contact Us through our Contact Form – You can address your email to Mike.

There is no way to upload a resume. We may ask for your resume in our response, but it is not necessary.

You will be given a “paid interview”, so come ready to write.

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