Chris Waldrum Sells Inspired Nutraceuticals, Inspired Set for Moon Landing

On November 30th, 2022, Chris Waldrum of Inspired Nutraceuticals took to Instagram Live to make the following major announcement:

Inspired Nutraceuticals has been acquired!

You can watch the video below, then we’ll summarize with some bullet points:

Some notes on the Inspired sale

  • Inspired Nutraceuticals has been acquired by a very interested and aggressive investor who is involved in the industry, yet does not currently own a brand. They are planning a major push to take the brand to another level.
  • Inspired Logo

    Since 2014, Inspired has been coming out with some of the most innovative products on the market to ‘fuel what inspires you’.

    Chris will remain involved with Inspired Nutra throughout the transition, to ensure that the “DNA stays in-tact”
  • Chris will not be going away – he’s involved in one other wellness project, but also one other non-wellness related project. However, it’s now been announced that Waldrum is joining Nutrex Research as Chief Marketing Officer / Brand Director!
  • Landon Suggs will remain on board as President of Inspired
  • Chris is open to questions at @ChrisWaldrum on Instagram. He’ll still be very active in graphic design.

Catch PricePlow Podcast #69 to meet the uncensored Chris Waldrum

You can of course watch our legendary (and infamous) Episode 69 with Chris of the PricePlow Podcast. We’d bring him back on for an uncensored show now that he’s not a brand owner… but we’re not sure it can get any more uncensored than that episode in the first place!

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 Chris Waldrum Sells Inspired Nutraceuticals

BREAKING: Chris Waldrum has sold Inspired Nutraceuticals

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