Animal is Bringing THE CAGE Back for the 2024 Arnold Expo!

The Arnold Sports Festival 2023 Expo was the event of the spring. We saw some incredible displays and product launches. As we all know, the events surrounding the expo are always an uproariously good time featuring a who’s who of the supplement industry’s power players.

The Animal CAGE is Returning to the Arnold Expo in 2024!

The Animal CAGE is Returning to the Arnold Expo in 2024!

That being said, there was one glaring hole in the festivities this year. Once again, there was no CAGE…

The Animal Cage is an Arnold classic, and it always seems to bring the intensity up several notches. It is a proving ground – a place for the most heroic meatheads on the planet to test their mettle. The idea is simple: fence off a square on the floor and let the most impressive athletes on the planet display their mastery of steel.

The CAGE Returns to the Arnold Sports Festival for 2024!

After the ’23 Arnold, our very own Mike Roberto, PricePlow’s founder, put out a LinkedIn post calling for the return of The Cage in 2024. The response was overwhelming, and apropos of nothing, The Cage is in fact returning for next year’s Arnold! The festival will be in Columbus, Ohio on February 29 through March 3, with the Expo and Cage from March 1-3, 2024.

See Animal’s Hype video below:

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Reminisce about the Cage with Jason Budsock on the PricePlow Podcast

Back in January, we talked with Jason Budsock on Episode #080 of the PricePlow Podcast, and we reminisced about The Cage and the kind of insane, high-octane energy it breeds. You can check out the full episode below:

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As for the 2024 Arnold… we’re already booking our tickets.

Until then, here are a couple of Cage videos from years prior to get you hyped:

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See Mike’s LinkedIn post that started it all:

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